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Well we are just a couple days out from the release of the card deck.
WHICH MEANS only 1 month out from the AfterEarth rerelease on Kickstarter.
We got the goal down to a cool 5,000.
15,000 of that was the card deck originally. I am so excited.

Yeah congratulations on that Mal. Seems mass advertising was not really that necessary, just an altered plan of attack.
Edit: I just googled apocalyptica kickstarter and saw the advertising you guys have been doing, my apologies.

I still can't decide if I should just get 1 deck, or a few extra for Justin Case. They sure are pretty.
Love the S/S cards too, great addition.

Anyway, enough of my rambling, congratulations again. Can't wait to see the revised AfterEarth KS.

Thanks man. Appreciate it. This has really helped us identify how to put everything together. I also have to say that the card deck forums have been a treasure trove of amazingly nice and thoughtful people. We didn't see as much of that with the RPG except for here. Lots of bad attitude in that realm because many a person has been burned by a bad book, or a KickStarter book not being delivered. The people were are getting actually remind me a great deal of you folks here.

Can tell you guys how nice it is to deal with people like that versus. "This sucks just sucks."

Mal, I think a lot of us probably had ideas for games at some point in our lives, but in my case, I had neither the drive nor the artistic talent to even attempt it. So we're living vicariously through your efforts.

You seem to have done a great job of assembling a team of talented and dedicated people. We're all rooting for you!


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