I think there are check boxes on the side. Check all the ones in the folder and then at the bottom of the screen I think there is an option to move folders.


Hmmm....it only says "Remove from this Folder" so maybe that isn't how you do it...

also you need to close the threads individually. Open each thread, and then ion the upper right corner, click the gears, select the Close Thread radio button, and hit Perform Action

You can do that in the drop down menu (after the check boxes step like above) as well... or at least *I* can as head GM.

FWIW, scenarios are on sale again, including a bundle to get all of season 1 for a little less than $3/scenario.

Yeah, I saw that...looks pretty tempting. But I don't know that I can afford it right now as I'm going to have to get a replacement car before long. I should have enough modules to keep me busy for the time being. Currently got...six downloaded but not yet DMed, not counting the Shades Of Ice continuation.

I've noticed a number of GM's have said they don't do any PFS outside of here (same for myself)

I was wondering how many scenarios/modules you guys have each purchased just for on-line gaming. I ask because I am thinking about making a case to PFS for on-line GM's to get boons. It would be helpful to point out to them that there are those of us who can only find time to play on-line and that brings in revenue for Paizo.

While I don't play PFS outside here, I do use the scenarios I have for RL play, of course no regular PFS rules apply I use them as filler or side adventures of for a quick game.

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