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System addition: Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

Two other active games:

and I'd like to start a game (or perhaps two) using marvel heroic. I haven't created the games or the ads yet.

I can do that in "miscelanous" and just say MHR in the title, but of course it is nicer if there is an official game type listing.


I plan on starting one in the future, but since I'm about to undergo major surgery and will be offline for awhile (once my surgery gets rescheduled) I'm putting it off for now.

But I'd still love both a character sheet, which shouldn't be that difficult if it is based off the fillable version located here, since no values require math or anything... course I'm not capable of building it, just seems easier than most character sheets. Just need something form fillable. And a game tag for it.

It's a variant of Cortex Plus, but it's different enough to be considered its own system. It wouldn't be compatible with other Cortex Plus games without significant work.

Let me rephrase, ignoring sheets, and just considering game tags, would you prefer it to be its own system, or a cortex setting?

I'd consider it more of its own system than just a setting, personally.


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