2-21 | Odin | Bookkeeping

2-21 | Odin | Bookkeeping

Keep track of any in-scenario purchases/expenditures here. Please roll your Day Job as well, to expedite Chronicles on the back end.
If you have not rolled your Day Job once I start preparing Chronicles, you will be Taking 10, if eligible.

Samara the Crimson Witch

Purchased Items:

Potion of Mage Armor (2) 100g
Hide from Undead potion 50g
Healers Kit 50g
Tanglefoot Bag 50g


Please fill out your information and upload into your Player Registry Post. Let me know once you've gotten it so that I can remove it from this post!

Thanks for playing guys, I hope you had a good time.
I may or may not be starting a new game come January (due to time constraints), so don't wait up if you find a Muster open.

***chronicles removed***

My sheet has been taken care of! Thanks for the great time guys!


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