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Originally Posted by Solaris View Post
I much prefer a government in gridlock. They spend less money when they're in gridlock.
No they don't. The US government has spent more this year than it did the year before, and so-on back to the 1700s. Gridlock hasn't reduced the deficit (although it has forced us into some sort of drastic measures, i.e: the impending "fiscal cliff" thing) or spending.

Also: there's always room for humor.

Originally Posted by Arkaelis View Post
Fair enough, but, I'd prefer if things actually got done. I don't mind them spending money if they're actually accomplishing things.
I do when it's things I don't want them to do. They've showed little interest in actually solving any of the readily-solvable problems, and instead insist on tackling the big, awkward things for which there is no easy answer - and the answers they're picking are usually ones I find detestable. They prefer stopgap solutions that don't solve anything, but push it off 'til later so that they can get re-elected to solve the same problems.

Here in Argie-land we're bitterly divided between anti and pro government. Entire families are being separated and have ceased intra communication because of this. I haven't yet removed someone from my social circles due to politics, mainly thanks to considerable efforts on both parts to maintain civility. My GF hasn't been able to show this restrain and has erased several contacts.

It's an ugly business and the current media war between the two factions is only whipping us into a frenzy.


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