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New player help :)

New player help :)

Hey guys, im new to this sort of rpg, Ive started with a few a friends on game called Way walkers, and i would like to try something more, but i havent realy got the hang of it yet, so im wondering if any experienced player could help me get started? Thx / Joel.

What kind of system are you looking to play? I am only familiar with D&D 3.5, but there are a lot of different ones here on the weave.

Well, thats the ting, i dont realy know what kind of different systems there are, nor what the difference is between them.: /

Probably the easiest to get started with would be either D&D 3.5 or Pathfinder, because they have both the books/pdf's for reference, and the online SRD's (System Reference Documents. Then there's always the old-school games and retro clones such as Original D&D, Swords & Wizardry or Corruption. These are a lot less rules heavy, with simpler mechanics and less overall character options, making them quite suitable for initially learning to play.

These are mostly fantasy setting games, but many GM's do implement more modernized settings to play in as well.

Do you have an idea of a setting you want to play in? Fantasy? Horror? Steampunk? Cyberpunk? Supernatural modern? etc etc

Actually, i am a sucker for fantasy so i gotta take that one.

Well there are no shortage of fantasy games being run and starting up here. Don't be afraid to ask questions about character creation or how different rules work. There's usually always someone willing to answer your questions.

At the moment, i'm more looking for a newbie game, desptite the game setting. I Don't suppose anyone here could hellp me find one?

you could go to Games & Ad, then click on Game Planning at the top of the section and post a thread for asking for a DM for just such a game

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