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3 potions of Cure Light Wounds, please!

Arrows, Blunt x20 : 2gp (might as well round out my collection)

Also, be aware that I updated my Myth-Weavers character sheet with 3 Potions of CLW that didn't make it from the paper sheet (bought after during third scenario.)

2 potions of Cure Light Wounds, 1 of Mage Armor.

Editing my post to include a hot weather outfit. Total spent: 158 gold.

1 Hot Weather outfit (8gp) in Sedeq as well please.

Orin will purchase 2 extra waterskins (filled, 2gp) and a set of hot weather gear (8gp)

Mysty will also purchase 2 extra water skins and 1 hot weather outfit @8gp = 10gp.

1 Hot Weather Outfit : 8gp

Assuming we were *actually* told about the faction mission before leaving town, I would also buy:
Paper x5: 2gp
Charcoal Stick x2: 1gp


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