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Request for Help with Academic Research

Request for Help with Academic Research

Hi everyone,
I recently started working on a paper about the role of campaign setting in tabletop RPGs. Because I don't have the time or manpower available to transcribe a bunch of live games, I've decided to look to play-by-post games for my data.

Specifically, I'm looking for finished games using a published campaign setting. It doesn't have to be D&D: any system with a published campaign setting will do, including systems like WoD and Shadowrun where the setting is baked into the main source books. If you've run such a game, participated in one, or even just know of one, I'd really appreciate it if you posted or PMed me a link. As anyone who's ever dabbled in PBP knows, finished games are hard to come by.

Even if you're unable to assist me with this, thanks for reading this far!

I'm not really able to be of much help with this, but it sounds interesting to be honest and best of luck.

What exactly do you consider 'finished' for a game ? And what do you need from such a game ?

There's the Game Browser at the bottom of Games & Ads, which allows you to filter all existing games on MW by various settings - among them both "Setting" and "Activity (active / archieved / don't care)".

Choosing a system and a setting plus 'Activity: Archieved', you'll get a list of links to games that are no longer running. Each link takes you to the game profile, which, among other things, has the a listing for Status, mostly either "aborted" or "completed".

Using these information, you should be able to collect a lot of data for comparatively little effort.

Alternatively (or additionally), you might ask one of the administrator if he could provide you with further information (e.g. number of active games per game system and setting, number of completed games per system per setting); depending on how this information is stored in the database, an admin could make a relatively simple database query and provide you with a lot of info.
Note, however, might and could; I don't know enough about the deeper programming stuff. Nevertheless, a friendly PM to an admin could yield a good result...

Thank you for the suggestions! And you're right, I should have clarified what I meant by "finished." I'm looking for games where the narrative has come to some sort of closure, either through completion of the campaign's objective or through the death of the party. In other words, games that were purposefully concluded as opposed to dead from inactivity. I assume that would fall under the "completed" category on this site?

Rather than statistics on frequency of use, I'm really looking more for information that can only be pulled from actual game posts, specifically how setting is described and ways in which the campaign setting may constrain the narrative.

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