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Candid moment: President Obama with his young campaign staffers

Agreed. Governor Christie seems to want to do his job. Pure and simple. In a time of disaster and recovery, politics are a distraction from the very real problems that must be solved. FOX appeared to want him to play politics, he declined, and simply acknowledged the assistance that the state had received. He realized that although almost everything that the media wanted to talk about at that time was politics, the people of his state were more important.
There are a few other people who managed to rise above politics during the campaign frenzy, and good on them too.

Originally Posted by Surrealistik View Post
If there are any who would doubt the genuine nature of the differences between these two candidates, Romney's basic soullessness, the fact that a bullet had been dodged on election day, let it be made evident by this striking and almost unbelievable contrast of extremes.
Holy crap, dude.

Originally Posted by Zelkon View Post
Oh, thanks for being so specific. It really helped me understand your argument.
A fortunate bonus, considering I wasn't trying to explain my argument.

Originally Posted by Solaris View Post
I wasn't trying to explain my argument.
Then why are you here?

I hope Christie's example spreads, even so far as becoming 'the norm', but I'm rather cynical as to the odds.

Originally Posted by Tedronai View Post
Then why are you here?
Because I'm generally trying to avoid drawing threads off-topic in the first page.

Then why say it in the first place?


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