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Star Wars: The Old Republic Goes Free In One Week

Yep, I've been following the news on and off since they first started discussing it a couple months ago. The F2P system is going to be highly restricted. No raids, only a handful of flashpoints and warzones per week, extremely limited character creation options (restrictions on race and visual customization), limited bag/bank space, and even limited hotbar functionality.

Yes, EA is going to lock out part of the UI for free-to-play customers, unless they shell out cash to unlock it.

So, if all you're interested in are the class stories, go ahead and play your chopped-up game.

EA does everything wrong that it is possible to do wrong and still do a thing at all.

So is Activision. Both companies are evil as hell, and both of them have horrendous business practices. But people just eat it up anyway.

Might get back into it.. I was given some coins or something for my previous subscription.. Where's the MW guild gonna be

I used to play a scrapper scoundrel, but it felt like every patch for the first four months kicked scoundrels in the teeth. The game got stale (like warmed over WoW) and I just couldn't justify paying $15/mo. for it. Now that it's "free to sample" (because let's be honest, that's what this is), I'm even more disgusted by EA, and will certainly not re-install the game.

EA and Activision are both companies that survive on sports and war game rehashes, lol. Both game genres I NEVER buy.

Edit: Activision has some variety I guess. *shrug*


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