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A question about wand materials and casting methods.

You might want to check out the supposed properties of woods and gems. There's a lot on the web. C&S had a lot of material on it back in the old days, then there was 1st ed AD&D and its gems. If you use the web, cross-reference a lot to avoid some of the drivelly disagreements you'll encounter. There are some things that are relatively constant, others vary a lot.
You might want to house-rule that if you make a wand out of the appropriate materials for the spell it's designed to cast, it costs 10% less to make (in time, cost and/or XP). That would certainly appeal to a lot of wand-makers, and that would lead to wands for sale generally being made of an appropriate material. You *could* make a wand out of any old wood, but experience has taught wandmakers that *these* materials are more in-tune with the magic to be cast.

Could be an interesting element to a world where sorcerers and wizards have wands made of different materials and such but without them are far less powerful or useless, like a focus of some kind.


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