Climbing Axis Mundi - A Hunter Chronicle In Need of Players

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Climbing Axis Mundi - A Hunter Chronicle In Need of Players

Climbing Axis Mundi: An NWoD Chronicle - Forum
World of Darkness
Ad Closes: Nov 30 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 3

Some of Climbing Axis Mundi's players have disappeared and not yet posted again. It's at the point now where I need some new players to come in and help refresh the ranks. Does anyone want to try their hands at a Cthulhu-esque Hunter game? Summaries can be given if needed!

Game Description:

Estimated Numbers Requested: Minimum of 4, but will take more if there are more applications.

Permitted Splats: Corebook Mortals, Hunters, Hunter-style Witches (as detailed in Witch Finders), Hunter-style Gifted (psychics and those with witch-like abilities, as detailed in Witch Finders)

Posting Requirement: If you're going to be gone for a week or more, let me know so I can give your characters an IC excuse to disappear if need be.

Character Creation: Basic character creation, no extra starting XP unless you cut your Morality down to 5, with 5 XP granted for each point of Morality dropped. Players are required to perform Derangement rolls for each point they get rid of. If a player cannot or does not want to come up with an original character concept, they may pick a character to use from one of four premade PC sources: the Ready-Made Player Character book for either H:tV or vanilla WoD, the free WoD starter adventure A Nightmare At Hill Manor, or the free H:tV starter adventure One Year Later. You may have up to 2 characters at a time.

Submission: If you are creating an original character concept, please PM me with your sheet, a background consisting of a minimum of 10 lines of text, and a small writing sample of the same length. If you are using a premade character, PM me with the source book he/she is from, the page number, and a writing sample that is at least the aforementioned minimum length.

Setting: We will not be using the stock Philadelphian setting as presented in the Hunter core, nor will we be using the Chicago setting that was made up for Mortals (if I am reading my books right). Instead, we are looking at a small town on the East Coast of North America, up in Maine and close to the Canadian province of New Brunswick. You are welcome to have your characters come from Philadelphia, however.

The story begins innocently enough a disturbance out at a local barn, with teenagers harrassing the farm animals of a local rancher. Things take a dramatic turn, however, as gunshots are fired and the teens run out screaming, leaving the interior of the barn too dark to be natural and strewn guts all over the entrance. At the time the chronicle begins, the police are just arriving, and flashing cruisers light up the night at the driveway. The ranch also serves as a (rather tiny) bed and breakfast for travelers, who mostly are a mix of tired, grumpy and worried. Blame the economy for the poor farmer having to revamp an unused barn into a place of stay in order to keep buying hay.

List of Books:

  • World of Darkness corebook
  • World of Darkness: Ready-Made Player Characters
  • Hunter: the Vigil corebook
  • Hunter: the Vigil - Witch Finders
  • Hunter: the Vigil - Night Stalkers
  • Hunter: the Vigil - Spirit Slayers
  • Hunter: the Vigil - Compacts and Conspiracies
  • Hunter: the Vigil - Ready Made Player Characters
  • World of Darkness - Merit's Compendium (a fan-made resource collecting most of the Merits from almost all the books; I'll let anyone use just about any Merit from here so long as it's not specific to a book, like Second Sight)

I am also considering letting people use a ready-made PC from two of WoD's free quickstarts, A Nightmare At Manor Hill and One Year Later (the latter for H:tV), if someone wants to play a premade character but doesn't have either/one of the Ready-Made PC books.

House Rules:

1. Full-fledged Witches (those with the Gnosis merit) may not take Unseen Sense; they must buy the first Gnosis dot with their own Merit points. They begin with a maximum Source pool determined by Stamina + Resolve. Costs for new Mysteries and spells, along with other Hunter errata we will use (except the rule for Gifted buying spells), is found at

2. Witches may not use Endowments. Instead of Endowments, they take Spells, which are detailed in the "Spellbound" chapter of Witch Finders. They do not take a Profession and do not have access to the Professional Training Merit.

3. Any Mortal or Hunter who wishes to become a Witch may do so by buying a point of Gnosis. The change must be RPed out somehow, and if the Mortal or Hunter has Unseen Sense, that Merit is dropped from the character sheet. In return, the Mortal or Hunter gets the first-dot spell in the Lore Mystery for free, to replace Unseen Sense. Note that, with this change, Hunters will lose their Profession and may not increase any dots in Professional Training afterwards.

4. All tiers of Hunters are allowed. Players may not use H:tV-style vampires or werewolves at this time.

5. After character creation, increasing Fighting Style Merits requires ST approval.

6. Witches and Mortals may not risk Willpower as Hunters do.

7. Though this rule may seem odd to some, I must place it here by necessity due to games derailed by the matter in the past. If you wish to have a romantic storyline for your character, whatever character your character falls in love with MUST be a PC or NPC you own. This is to avoid unfortunate implications, feelings and entanglements, and reduce the chance for drama in general. Again, I apologize for any inconveniences.

8. In another override of the errata, Spells cost the same as Merits, New Dots x 2, to correct balancing issues in the chronicle.

It's been a long time since I played Hunter, or WoD for that matter. I'll reread my books and come up with a concept.

This sounds sweet, I've been meaning to get my feet wet in Hunter for quite a while now.

In like Flynn. Got some ideas. I'll do stuff up when I get off work. Specifically looking at a Maronite Lebonese-American who joined the Army or Air Force and was either a Ranger or a TAC-P before he had an experience on the battlefield that restored his faith and he eventually went OCS and became a Chaplain before retiring, being induced into a certain obvious conspiracy after he encountered a possessed relative, and then became a sort of wandering exorcist/hunter.

Hmmm, need some info, basically where is it set and any events that might have gotten the new Hunter's attention. An organic joining into the story is what I'm aiming for.

There was a disturbance out in a Lovecraftian country barn that police were called to. Teens had been slaughtered by some sort of giant animal, and it was proceeding to roar and drag a cop into eat (still unseen) when a giant tree fell from the sky. It pierced the barn, sent off a shockwave that knocked everybody around it out, and the PCs woke up in two different places. Those near the barn were sent tumbling into a cavern, woke up in the barn and walked out, and found only a blasted landscape that looked like Fallout and smelt like death. On top? Not much better, only it has buildings that look reduced to rubble.

Nasdaq: Love the concept, can't wait to see what you have if you join.

Sounds like a fun game concept. I'd love to get involved. As a big fan of Fringe, I'm thinking maybe a Task force: Valkyrie member might have some interest in the goings on here. Or perhaps a VASCU (FBI Psychic from the Slasher supplement)... or a custom made government psychic spook if the Storyteller allows it.

PM me with your sheet, bio and writing sample when you're ready. As for the custom-made government spook, we can discuss this if you'd like over PM. I'm open to ideas.

@N Sequitur, it might be worth mentioning what we already have concept wise so potential players know what we have missing. Just a thought to help with the selection process.


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