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Need help finding a book reference

Need help finding a book reference

Hi gang,

I'm making a game (D&D 3.5) for my boys and I want to introduce them to portals/dimensional gates. I was going use a mirror that doesn't reflect the image of the viewer. Instead it reflects a treasure room of a far off place. I thought this was an exosting item in D&D; I can't find it. Am I wrong? If I'm not wrong which book is it in?

I don't know of such a mirror off hand, but... I mean, you're the DM, so why not just make it? It's your world after all!

This would be nothing more than a modified scrying mirror, the treasure or whatever it's showing being a reflection of the players' inner desires essentially, in the form of existing treasure.

Edit: the last part being my own interpretation of it's particular power

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If a mod could move this to the gaming discussion I would appreciate it.

I believe that 3.0 had an item like this, I think is was called a Mirror Gate. Not sure though. at any rate it is your game so you could just tie a gate or portal spell to a mirror, like having it carved with runes or something. Even re-flavoring ring gates to a set of mirrors would work.

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