Re-recruiting for Kingmaker

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Re-recruiting for Kingmaker

CTP Presents: Kingmaker - Forum
Pathfinder - Golarion
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Hello folks. I'm running a Kingmaker game on these forums, and it's going pretty well!

However, I seem to be having trouble keeping the 4th PC slot filled. My initial choice bailed on me, and then his replacement disappeared as well due to unfortunate circumstances.

So, I'm opening recruitment back up. If you applied to this game before, and you want to re-submit your character, just post a new link to them (if you still have the sheet).

Please post applications here.

Character creation guidelines and other information can be found here; in a nutshell, it's 15 point buy, most Paizo sources allowed, 2 traits (only Kingmaker campaign traits; the rest are free game), using Hero Points, and Words of Power are also available if you wish.

The current party consists of a kensai magus, an archery-focused ranger, and a conjurer wizard. You would be replacing a paladin (who replaced a cleric). The party could use some extra divine magic assistance, so submitting clerics, oracles, druids, paladins, or even inquisitors, witches, or bards would do well to round out the team. That said, we could also probably use some more front-line fighting support (again, battle clerics/oracles, paladins, or even certain kinds of druids could all fill that role as well). However, you can submit whatever kind of character you want; if it's something special, I'll definitely consider it.

So please, read the above link to character guidelines; it should answer most questions you have.

I can't really put a deadline on when I'm going to choose submissions... I want to pick a good one quickly, so the faster you can get a solid character up, the better. I'm looking for someone who wants to stick around.

We're early enough in the game that you should be able to get caught up to speed quickly. You'll start at the same level of experience as the rest of the party (they're all still level 1, and will be for some time). I'll either introduce your character when the party returns to Oleg's Trading Post (the 'home base' for this part of the adventure), or else find another way to shoehorn your character in.

So... any takers? I guarantee this is the best Kingmaker game ever to exist, ever, period. I'm pretty much the best.

Game Description:

Hey folks; I've been itching to get involved in a Kingmaker game. I've decided to run one here on Mythweavers with all the bells and whistles! Exploration! Pathfinding! Kingdom-making! A pseudo-sandbox adventure path for all to enjoy (well, 4 chosen players; people are welcome to read it, I suppose)!

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Got a quick question I'd like to run by you; could I trade in the bonus language I get from a +1 INT for the trait "Canter?" The description of Canter makes it out to be a sort of "bandit language," and considering my character hasn't had formalized training it'd make more sense as a known language than, say, Elven.


There is no universal 'bandit language.' If you want to pick Canter as one of your traits that's fine, but otherwise you'll need to pick a bonus language. If you're a race that can pick any language as a bonus language, you could even substitute sign language (for a specific tongue like Common) if you want. Other good 'bandit-y' languages include Goblin, Halfling, and Tengu, considering those races tendencies towards crime.

Some other good languages to consider for this campaign are Sylvan (lots of fey) and Giant.

Alright, thanks! I'll look a bit more into the possible languages, but Sylvan definitely sounds like it could work (given how it probably sounds very "forest-y" I can imagine it being an excellent language to speak when ambushing people in the woods, sorta blends into the ambient noise.)

Hey CTP,

I'm going to submit Eva Warden, a Cleric of Erastil with the pioneer trait and local to the area. I've got the crunch started, and will fill out the background when I get home this evening. When it's complete, I'll post the whole thing here.

I'd like to submit my Priest, which is a less-combative 3rd party cleric detailed on the d20pfsrd wiki (I can switch everything back to paizo official material rather quickly if you like) for your consideration. If you need more background info let me know. She'd be headed for Mystic Theurge with an emphasis on non-violent problem solving and assisting party members.

And if that's no good, how would you feel about a Drow Witch?

Originally Posted by Calinthas View Post
Hey CTP,

I'm going to submit Eva Warden, a Cleric of Erastil with the pioneer trait and local to the area. I've got the crunch started, and will fill out the background when I get home this evening. When it's complete, I'll post the whole thing here.
Could you post your sheet and stuff in the application thread? I've provided a link to it in the ad above. I can't be trusted to remember things posted here when it comes time to choose.

@Warrior Princess:

I'm trying to stick to Paizo official material; you might want to consider some of the less combat-oriented archetypes for clerics if that's the direction you'd want to go for, such as Cloistered Cleric or Merciful Healer.

As for drow witches… I'd be interested to see what you could cook up. Such a character would need a pretty good reason for being on the surface.

All of the Paizo versions seem to mess with domains instead of just dumping the weapons and armor proficiencies or some such, so I'll just stick with the regular cleric class then.

Here's the sheet:


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