The Rod of Seven Parts

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The Rod of Seven Parts

The Rod of Seven Parts - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Dec 1 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 4

The doors swung open slowly as Gara'cias pushed them open with his massive arms of golden hued skin. His thick white boots take long strides across the pristine white marble floors of the open domed hall. He approaches the small table, surrounded by tall concave bookshelves surrounding it and the old man sitting there. He turned around upon hearing the steps, smoking the honey flower in his long ivory pipe tipped in gold. His eye's widened as Gara'cias handed him a small piece of stiff skin that apparently had been used as parchment. It was written in the infernal tounge of the devils and upon glancing over it quickly with his eyes, he grimaced closing his eyes while he did so. He recovered from his emotion, placed the piece of skin in a book and replaced the book on the shelf.

"It is time. Our first move is to contact them. Let us begin our plans."

This game will be a quick planar hopping game where the players go on a search for an artifact. More details to be posted later. As you can see, this ad is up for a while so I'll be filling in threads as needed but for now go ahead and ask questions etc here.

System: 3.x 3.5
Sources: PHB, PHB II, all completes. All core (PHB, DMG, MM) No Tomb of Battle, nothing that changes how the spell system works too much as a whole.
Races: Open to anything in the races books, MM's, and savage species/completes/core nothing homebrew. This is a planes hopping game so feel free to run wild with this.
Monster Races: Keep LA in mind. If LA is above +3 use savage species or talk to me about a progression if it isn't in there.
Templates: Keep these basic, no over the top incorporeal type templates or anything above LA+3.
Flaws/Traits: Pick one flaw, one trait if you want. You don't have to pic but once decided it can't be changed. Don't forget the bonus feat that goes with this.
Level: Starting level 6. Three classes maximum (this includes if you prestige).
Classes: Anything from the sources above is fine.
Abilities: 4d6 drop the lowest. 4 6's means a 19. Roll three sets take the best.
Wealth: By level per DMG, half of this can be spent on items you want. Other half can be rolled randomly or given to you in the form of an item chosen by myself.

Need a warrior type (melee or ranged) to take the place of the guy who has been dropped.

Game Description:

The Rod of Seven Parts

Never underestimate a large group of low hit die creatures.

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I'll take half of it to spend on what I want. You can choose anything else, so I'll take the 6500g.

You know, if you were starting this at level 1 and the character work their way up, I'd be all over this. But I'm quite the noob at 3.5, and I don't want to be outclassed when attempting to make a character.

Scarecrow, I'm adept at making 3.5 chars and I'm a 2.5 master. If you'd like some help, I can put things in terms you'll understand. It'll take us a bit, but this can happen.

I appreciate the offer, but I do prefer to start at 1st level.

I'll think on it, though. Maybe I can join in. Maybe.

If it makes you feel better, I prefer to start at lvl. 1 too. However, starting at 6th allows for fun races and a bit of personalization. It has its ups and downs.

I'm with Tregod when it comes to higher levels. I really like playing Tieflings, and the only way to do that is with slightly higher leveled campaigns. That being said, I actually don't mind playing in higher level campaigns, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't play in one that started at lv 1.

Again, this isn't my game, and as the GM has stated it's starting at level 6 I'll just read. I personally don't get any satisfaction from starting out high - I like the feeling one gets when they start small and eventually get to be awesome. Sense of accomplishment, and all that.

I'll be happy just reading. Don't mind me - just go on about your business. Nothing to see here you bunch of looky-loos!

Scare, you are both articulately firm in your beliefs, and a silly-billy with your terminology. :P

Originally Posted by Coolplayer View Post
Yeah I don't want to have to deal with any other casting/magic system.
OK, so in that case this may be a "no", but how about the Pyrokineticist (or in fact this variant)? It's Psionics, and you do have to have a PP reserve, but you don't actually have to be able to manifest powers - in fact it's more of a melee class, like the Soulknife. Some sort of Bard/Sonokineticist could be quite cool, actually.

I'd rather not have psionics. Just something else I have to keep track of and it's a different casting system.

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