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In-game trolling (the innocent kind)

The awaken line of spells allows you to expand the number of targets to be annoyed by you.

Ooh! Awaken X and Animate X have so much potential for mischief! Good suggestion, Xigbar.

Originally Posted by ImperatorK View Post
I want to play a character based on Minakami Mai (which basically is a troll that likes to provoke reactions from people for her own amusement), but without disrupting the game, obstructing the progress of the story, making the game un-fun to anyone or actively hindering the rest of the PCs. Any ideas on how could I do it? What methods to use? Of course no maliciousness is intended. It would just be a funny quirk of my character.
I'd probably play a caster of some sort, because this concept will need power to be able to get away with his trolling. Good or Neutral aligned (definitely not Evil). I play 3.P.

If anything is unclear, let me know, I'll try to explain more in-dept (although I don't know what more can I say).
And in case anyone is wondering: NO. I won't be a dickhead in-game. It's all in good humor. So please, don't come in here with lessons "How to not be a jerk", thank you very much.
Well trolls are like LA +4, so I dunno if that'd work out for you or the GM.

The in-thread warning here obviously hasn't been enough.

This thread is done.


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