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Random thoughts about Online games

I love the idea of buildings ranging from shacks to sprawling castles, but perhaps you could include more than one choice at a particular level? For instance, as a wizard I'd prefer a tower full of monsters and golems over a mansion, and Wizard's Guild might prefer some sort of academy-themed building over a keep.

Different "houses" at a particular level might have different strengths and weaknesses, i.e. a keep has the strongest defensive abilities for its level and generates minions at a set rate (up to a certain number), an academy has labs and resources for research and item creation, a guild hall has trainers or guild-only vendors that save members money, etc.

Umm... making a general universal role playing game into a specific RPG setting... sort of defeats the purpose. More importantly it says on the SJ games website they aren't looking at video games right now anyway. And GURPS isn't really optimized for a computer RPG anyway.

I could certainly see an some sort of generalized engine for building MMO worlds that works in a wide variety of settings (people set up their own servers), or one specific setting that allows for a wide range of roles (the butcher, the baker the candlestick maker). Or both. GURPS: Online would defeat the point of GURPS IMO. (Plus copyright issues.)

So I would recommend getting away from strictly GURPS. Sure, use GURPS for inspiration (and rolemaster, and Eve, and Minecraft and I'm sure countless others sources).

Taking the system and making a game would be the first step. I was also thinking long term as to making several genres and seeing what works and what does not.
Fantasy would be first.
Modern, supers or car wars style game.
Space would come next.

A very generic Fantasy game. This is not going to be a copy of any one game. Using as many of the Fantasy races as possible. Yes, making Centaurs and Serpent men as player races, as well as the normal races. Still at long range planning.

For the death question, one thing I have always liked the idea of is allowing your character to suffer a permanent death in order to get some sort of perk on your next character. I think there are a few games that do something like this.

was also thinking about having phobias as a result of death, you gain a few points off your character. Fear of spiders, you died far too many times from spiders. Additions to potions, you drink far too many potions. things that make the game a bit more interesting.


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