General OOC

Eek, I hadn't realised the thread had moved to a second page when I posted the frown. Teach me not to check to see if there's additional pages!

Anyway, I should, finally, have time to post on a more-regular-than-once-or-twice-a-week basis from now on, now that I'm finally getting my sleep cycle back on track. I'd slipped into a "go to bed at 5am at the EARLIEST, usually more like 8am" habit and it has been killing my ability to concentrate on anything at all, let alone the ability to post. But now I'm doing better.

So yes, now you will have more Eileen snark to deal with.

Maika--the rhino is between you and the entrance. Running past it is not an option.

My small bit of revenge... Friedrich not being there to comment on the very delicate situation happening at the stargate...

I know! I can only roll high here! At least its only embarrassment!

Well, I mean, it has the decided potential to be much, much worse. However, since no matter what game I seem to be playing with Mordae, I always seem to miss, if I ever happen to be starting a new character in a game with him, I swear it'll be a pacifist!

Then you'll just miss on being helpful. I figured as amazing I am at rolling low everywhere else, I'd be the most awesome nurse known to mankind here... at least I haven't killed anyone yet

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