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Merchants and Death

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Hey everyone,

So after a highly successful first DnD session with an actual group of friends (somehow playing DnD by yourself doesn't work :P)(btw everyone love community for inspiring them) I decided to post up a game here to work on my DM skills, we will be starting the same way they did but will probably break off into our own story line (after all, its your characters and decisions).

You are allowed to use anything from the three Player's Handbooks, preferably no hybrids and no background/theme bonuses. I will be looking for 3-5 players who are able to post at least once every 24 hours, preferably more. I will also need a token for those i choose for the battle map. It will most likely be a very hack and slash game but i will be working on my describing skills as well.

Post your applications in the game forum. You don't have to make a character sheet till after your selected if you don't want to as i will not make the selection based off stats (but maybe class). Selection is made when I have enough applications that i like the look of, i will then decide based on the applications and classes.

Feel free to ask any questions,
Thanks guys

Game Description:

In the trading province of Pelcine, caravans cross the countryside and extensive forests. With these ride mercenaries whom only lust is for old, and when their pay is not enough they join the countless bands of bandits that raid the trade routes. Humanoids are not the only threats that plague the lands, countless feral animals prowl the woodlands and fey creatures are in abundence. Hunters grace these lands in search of prey, of any sort. The constant danger and endless threats do nothing but increase the value of trade and the pay of mercenaries.
You are such mercenaries, or you are now after you found yourself trudging along next to a single caravan early in the morning. You have memories of a night at the tavern in the town of Talmore, how many differ between each party member, but you remember the promise of gold for the delivery of the wagon safely.

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Originally Posted by Kerim View Post
Oh! Make a loving, nice dwarven bard.
maybe not a bard dwarf, but definitely not a moron who puts a super computer into a potato.

Minotaur Monk...hoof to the face ok, was joking at first but the more i think about it, it might actually be cool. hmmmmmmm

also, first time playing play by post stuff so be gentle, I may need some help with stuff

I would be interested in playing in your PbP; I have an Orc Barbarian I would like to play. He was raised in slavery but was granted freedom. He is now on a quest to find his parents, and the only lead he has is in the same direction as the caravan is traveling. He would be tasked with protection until the destination and the money would help him in his travels as he obviously has none at the moment.

Thank you for your consideration.

I would be interested in this. Right now, the concept in my head is either a Githzerai or Half Elf Shaman (or cleric). Once finals are over (I have them this week), I will post something up.

yes any race/class from the 3 PHB's will have equal chance of getting in (depending, will still have to ensure the party isn't all strikers etc). I'm perfectly fine with the magician dwarf (or warlock, sorceror etc) so long as they have a good back story. Minatuar monk sounds pretty damn awesome just saying (would make some good sketches too ). the deadline is when I deem to have enough applications to make a fair decision.

Minotaur monk is very awesome.

So, I usually submit hybrids and that is PHB3. You said no multiclasses (confusing) but what about hybrids?

Durban, cleric of Avandra, was not entirely sure how he came to be here. Last night the young human had been drinking, and drinking, and drinking, and something about a chicken, some more drinking, and then the next thing he knows he had apparently volunteered for guard duty. Well, his lady is in charge of trade, and they did mention a reward. Now if only somebody would tell Pelor to turn down the sun a bit.

The main reason I am against multi-classes and hybrids is because I ama not confident with the rules for them, I will however re read the rules when I get the chance and re decide as to whether I will allow them.

I'm submitting Kon Stratos. Human Sorcerer. A troublesome youth seeking magical thrills and the elation that can only come from being consumed in the use of one's powers and exerting them to their highest extent; A ceiling that grows ever higher all the time in this case.

Freshly expelled from a little known college of magic, he's happy to go it unsupervised and unfettered by pointless rules of the school and staff.


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