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Do you ever Call Dibs or let Dibs?

Do you ever Call Dibs or let Dibs?

If someone asks about some reclusive class or something that is outside the normal sources, and you allow it, do you think it should be first come first serve? Should someone who actualy took the time to ask have to compete against someone else using the class or get first consederations?

If one person is allowed to use something, everyone should be.

Further, I believe that parties lacking a certain "role" or oversubscribed to one are probably going to be more fun (at least to DM for, since you can keep throwing up the things they can't do and laugh at them if you really want) and typically don't even think about party composition if I can help it when selecting from apps.

Also, "time to ask" is not really a lot of time, it's like this:

"Hey dude, can I use the Super-Razor-Warrior from Lords of Weirdness?"

Even if everyone is the same class, it's not necessarily a bad thing... you'd be surprised what sort of adventure opportunities open up for you as a GM. A party of rogues can sneak around a la "Hogan's Heroes", for instance. There's a motivational poster to the effect, but my Google-fu is failing me.

Borrowing from Fred's example: if everyone plays a Super-Razor-Warrior, you could tie that choice to an antagonist who has sworn to eradicate all super-razor-warriors in the kingdom.

I'm all about a rounded party, but I won't freak out if nobody wants to play a particular role and two players want to run the same class. My favorite is when you have a party full of fighter types and no rouge. Oh, the fun I can have as a DM


Firstly, two chars of the same class can cover very different roles. Secondly, who says those roles need to be covered? Creativity is a better way to solve problems than taking 20 on Disable Device.

My favorite is when you have a party full of fighter types and no rouge.
With nothing to powder their noses with, the party fighters must be hard-up when they try to attract the men in a tavern. Perhaps they should have the party rogue steal some rouge for them.

/troll. Sorry, it's an old classic.

Back on topic, even the lower-tier classes are versatile enough to support more than one character taking them. You can have one fighter be wielding a Large Spiked Chain, for instance, while the other one is using a flintlock (or bow, for campaigns that don't like flintlocks ).

I am different that the other respondents in how I would handle this. I absolutely believe that in most "appropriate" fantasy settings only a small handful of races should be used and believable. Spare me the flames, but it's just how I like it and how I can make sense of it. There are thousands of reasons but I am not trying to prove my preference here, just state it.

Given that there are a limited number of racial types in any given campaign that I run, I face this thread's question directly almost ever time I start a new campaign. Fairness enters in at any point in a process. So, for fairness I allow the interested parties to compete for any obscure racial slot (in my worlds that is usually ANY non-human). The person who gleans more of the background setting and crafts a story or works with me to craft one that is most likely to generate interesting plots and follow the STANDARD stereotypes for that racial choice is most likely to get in. I like it when the PC is an exemplar of their race, not a drooling chaos-demon exception. It allows NPCs their prejudices and is a better roleplaying challenge in the main and far far more realistic.

I also encourage people who submit such an application to submit more than 1 so they have more of a chance to get in the game (if they want to). If they puts all their eggs in the dark elf vampire exile basket, then so be it.

Generally, I just try and avoid letting my players play the exact same character, which means if they can work out distinctions between them we're good. For example, in an Exalted game, two Twilight castes are perfectly fine... If one focuses on sorcery and the other crafting and medicine. I also tend to make sure there isn't much overlap on whole-party benefit competencies, but I never outright forbid it anyway, just discourage it.


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