Confront the Alien Menace

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Confront the Alien Menace

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This is a game inspired by X-com though expanded a little bit. In addition to the out and out combat missions you may have to engage in some investigations as you try to find those that have been influnced by the enemy or discover what the goals of the enemy are.

I am thinking of 200/-75 right now for a point total, Every character should be able to speak at least accented english. If there is something I left out or more information you neext feel free to ask for it.

Applications can go in the RTJ thread

Game Description:

The NATO Experimental Command is a mixed unit of experts and special ops personnel from among the allied missions tasked with confronting matters of multinational concern as well as being a proving ground for combined advances in military Technology. One line of research was into the so called mentalic field, in which it appeared that certain individuals could mildly influence the brainwaves of others with in a short distant. An interesting discovery was of certain individuals that were not affected by the mentalic manipulations of others and these individuals constituted a minority in the general population but were well represented in NEXCOM.

This served to great effect when the Invasion began. Over the course of several weeks evidence of extra terrestrial activity that could not be denied began occurring across the world. At the same time the instruments the NEXCOM technicians had developed to observe and measure mentalic effects registered the most powerful mentalic field they had ever recorded prompting several retests before the measures were confirmed. It was hypothesized that the field was manipulating the majority of the world leading to a lack of response to the extraterrestrial aggression by the world powers as individuals seemed to be deterered from taking actions against the extraterrestrials unless directly threatened.

NEXCOM leaders were resistant to the field as was much of their staff and the began their mission of confronting the alien menace using subtle manipulations to convince governments to increase funding to engage in anti-terror missions which was a half truth as those not directly around the extraterrestrials passed off their various small scale attacks as human on human acts of terror

Think about a tech type dude. Some hacking, maybe some radio controlled stuff. I guess think Birkhoff on Nikita.

So when you saying this mentallic field,does that mean their is a psi or anti psi program.?

I'm a huge GURPS fan but don't know X-com. I'll get something going on a character. Focus will be tech geek.


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