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Depends on which Captain you are referring to and exactly what you mean by "escorting." Though honestly I don't see von Braun as taking to any sort of escorting very graciously.

Originally Posted by roadford01 View Post
So is the captain escorting Klaus now?
SOMEONE has to take that bullet...

Klaus is just following in your wake. He'd rather let the bullet sponges take the hits for him And the only escort he thinks he needs is.. *WHAP* Ow, ok, that was called for, I suppose. *rubs head*

Guys, I'm without internet at hoe. So my posting will be limited at work

Sorry, if neccessary please NPC me

Originally Posted by Maika View Post
Guys, I'm without internet at home.
Aren't there... laws against that or something?

Thanks for the idea with the glyphs on the walls and floors, Maika. It oddly fits into a dream Sarah had had "a few days ago." I had hoped that dream might at some point have significance, but I had no idea how until now. Still not sure what the true significance is, but this should be fun!

I hope not... we don't want to be warded out (or in)... then again... maybe that could be fun now that Sarah may have accidentally gone and set one.

For giggles on the whole big game hunting/trophy collecting conversation, take a look back at the last page or two of the Ice Henge Observation Post thread. Friedrich with a gun is starting to scare me.

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