Once Again, the Depths - FR Adventure, looking for replacement player!

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Once Again, the Depths - FR Adventure, looking for replacement player!

Once Again, the Depths - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e - Forgotten Realms 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Deadline is now set for the night of Wednesday, November 21st.

We have lost a player in this game.

They were playing a guide of sorts (jack of all trades, focus on undead slaying).

The group still consists of a paladin, a cleric and a sorcerer.

I will be looking for one player to replace the one we've lost. Applications will be open until a suitable replacement is found. I will review applications and accept a player when I find one that I believe has a character to suit the party and gaming style.

The only requirements are that the character you create be a dwarf male named Wurgrym (first name, last doesn't matter and nicknames are fine). The rest is up to you.

Only "serious" applicants will be considered. In this context, a serious applicant is one who's submission reflects the fact they have actually reviewed the relevant thread in the Rules and Info Thread Group in the game forum.

Please apply in the "Info for Prospective Players - Apply Here" thread in the game forum. Also, see the first post in this thread for more info.

General questions are welcome and can be posted here or via PM.

This is not first come, first serve. The best application, based on character history and character suitability (primarily) will be selected.

Welcome, one and all!

Sorithar (DM; Once Again, the Depths)

Game Description:

Daggerdale has known no true peace for ages and recently drow have been making ever more brazen surface raids in proximity to the town.

You are an adventurer of renown and have traveled the realms for many cycles, making a name for yourself in small hamelts and large cities alike. Now, by the whim of Tymora or the whispers of Helm, you find yourself headed to Daggerdale. On the edge of a new adventure! Will this one be your last or the one that makes your name echo through the ages...

This is my second attempt at running the long City of the Spider Queen module. Let me make no pretenses to the fact that this is an ATTEMPT to run the module. To be fair with those players who wish to apply, I feel I should share that my last attempt failed due to RL issues that I believe no longer pose a problem.
Nevertheless, apply to this game with the knowledge that I can only do as best as RL lets me.

In the end, it was the end.

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I'll come up with something soon! Love the drow setting and really want to be accepted for this campaign. Will work on my character ASAP.

What dwarven variants are acceptable?

@ mercutio361:

OK... What is it about starting with a mount that you were curious about..? Can you start with one? If you pay for it from your starting funds, then yes. However, take into account that most sorts of mounts will likely see little use within this adventure. I hope that answers whatever it was you meant to ask.

Have you chosen an applicant yet, or is the spot still "contested"?

I was thinking to create a Gold Dwarf with a affinity for earth magic, and following a earth deity.

Something along the lines of: Cloistered Cleric x/Elemental Archon x

Cloistered Cleric (UA. pg.:50) - needs approval as it is UA material.
Elemental Archon (F&P. pg.:190) - Faiths and Pantheons is a 3.0 material, but the class is really not something special. The fluff is amazing though

@ All:

Applications are still open but I will be closing them by mid weak, Wednesday night. I will select a new player for Wurgrym that night and will announce the selection that night as well, or Thursday at the latest.

@ ScarletTambourine:

The concept is approved, as are Cloistered Clerics and the PrC in question. However, please note that the company already has a full progression cleric, so I will be less likely to select a character of that persuasion at this point.

@ Triban:

No, worries. See above to the now active deadline.


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