The Public Baths (Pre-game)

The Public Baths (Pre-game)

A pleasant and relaxing spa, offering segregated pools and baths for cleaning and socializing. It is a popular meeting place for the city's elite and nobles, requiring expensive membership for the exclusive, opulent sections and services. There is also a garden and a gymnasium area for exercise and physical contests. There is a large pool for the common folk only requiring a silver coin for entry to soak in their loincloths. Every once in a while, some noble or the city rulers will pay to open the entire bath for the public to partake for a day, hoping to curry favor from the masses.


Avarim let the warm water soak into his bones as he relaxed after another grueling day of staying awake in class. Not even a solid hour of exercise in the gymnasium had erased the soul killing ennui of Professor Vadim's endless droning. Lifting an eyelid, the elf could tell by the slant of the sunlight streaming through the window it wouldn't be much longer before the coliseum would be deserted enough for him to partake of his favorite pass time. The roof of the coliseum was the highest publicly accessible place in the city, and offered a bit over sixty feet of freefall for the thrill seeking elf, as well as a short walk to a tavern afterward. Closing his eyes, he smiled as he remembered his last jump. His reverie was interrupted by a flapping at the window. His suspicion was confirmed when a familiar voice croaked, "Avi, your mother wants to know if you're coming to dinner tonight."
Splashing water at the raven on the sill, Avarim said, "Roac, I've told you a hundred times not to call me that in public."
The raven hopped aside to avoid the water and replied, "Hah. And I've told you, you're not my Master, Avi. What's it going to be?"
"Not tonight. I've got other plans. Tell her I'll see her tomorrow night."
Bobbing his head, Roac said, "Right. See you tomorrow, Avi." The raven flapped away before another handful of water landed on the sill.
Avarim briefly submerged himself to clear his head. His father's familiar had been a thorn in his side for as long as he could remember. A nice long trip away from Parthacia after graduation would be a welcome relief from that particular annoyance. Even though his father had been clear about cutting him off, Avarim was sure he had learned sufficient woodcraft from his uncle to make his way in the wild indefinitely. That thought put him in a better mood, and his natural almost-smile returned as he let out a long sigh.


Avarim dozed in the bath for an hour or so, slowly letting the weariness of the day's study seep out of every pore. When the light from the high windows indicated the sun had sunk below the building next door, the elf heaved out of the water and dried himself with a
minor charm as he strode to the changing rooms. There, he donned the simple robe of a student he had worn to the bath. Fortunately, his apartment was only a short walk from the baths. The robe was simply unfit for jumping or socializing. Similarly, the clothes he'd wear to his parent's house for dinner tomorrow were expensive enough to be unwise to risk wearing in the common taverns around the coliseum, or even the slightly higher quality establishments two blocks over. So when he arrived at his lodgings, Avarim changed into the comfortable leathers he usually wore when hunting with his uncle. In an inner pocket, he secreted a small gambling stake and sufficient funds to cover an enjoyable evening of drinking no matter how the cards or dice fell. It would never do to scatter coins all over the street as he tumbled through the air.

Ikari, Female Elf

Ikari was taking advantage of the public pool.

She arrived in the city a few days ago and was looking to meet other adventurer types. Money was running low, and staying at inns was spending her money much faster that it was coming in. Stabling fees added up too. But, if one found treasure or received substantial gold payments for services rendered, then such costs became insignificant.

At least that is what she had heard about successful adventurers. Those that did not wind up dead of course.

Ikari automatically assumed she would not be one of those, the thought never even crossed her mind.

However, the young elven woman was keen enough to realize such things were not done alone if one wanted to succeed. And, adventure doesn't often land in one's lap either. It hadn't done so yet in her life at least.

After almost a week, she has not met anyone that could join with her.

Maybe she had not been to the right places those other days, so she was at the Public Baths today. After cleaning off the dirt and grim from walking around, she was only dressed in the linen loin clothes that covered her breasts and pelvic areas to maintain modesty while soaking in the heated waters of the large pool open for everyone.

Relaxing at the edge, seated on the third step, the water is up to her chest. Her long black hair is wrapped up in a bun so it doesn't dangle into the water, revealing her slender elven neck and pointed ears.

"Ahh, this is nice." She murmurs contentedly.

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Chirp looks up at Mariel. "Yu're not botherin' me... I just didn't wanna caushe eny trouble..." He stumbles on a lose stone and turns his attention back to where to best place his feet.

Soon enough they arrive at the Golden Morrow. The lanterns at the entrance are lit and candle light can be seen through the windows. Chirp turns to face Mariel and Elsbeth. "Thhhank you. Shorry for bein' shuch a bother. IiiIII do appreshiate yer kindness. Shorry I ruined yer work Marie, and I ruined yer plans Ellie, Oscy." Chirp lets out a long yawn, then his throat puffs with some ribbit noises. "Ii'm gonna go shleep thish off. It was ree.. *hiccup*.. really nishe meetin' ya." After saying good night to the kind women, Chirp heads into the inn and plops down on the bed in his room.

He awakes late the next morning, the sun well into the sky. "Gaaahh!" Chirp immediately pulls his blankets over his head. "Ooohhhh... marsh and bog. *ribbit* My head." Wrapping his blanket around himself like a cloak to keep as much of the sunlight out of his eyes as possible, Chirp fumbles around his room to fill his pitcher with water, and then proceeds to sip it slowly.

After sitting in silence for over and hour, only the sound of Chirp's drinking or someone moving about in the hallway breaking it, he decides that a bath may help remedy his situation. He changes out of the clothes he slept in, and wore the day before, into some loose fitting clothes. Keeping his blanket as an impromptu cloak, Chirp slowly made his way from the inn to the bath house. But not without any odd stares. Way too noticeable. Never getting that drink again. Once in the bathhouse, he quickly pays to use the public pool and stores all his clothing but his loincloth. Chirp winces at the light without his 'cloak', but slowly makes his way to the pool, gets in and proceeds to float around on his belly and begins blowing bubbles with his mouth to his own amusement. "Bbblllblblblllblbllblblb"

Knowing very little of this city or what it has to offer, Fjoris found himself wandering for several hours before entering the public baths on a whim. Seeing the relaxation of the people in the water, he is overwhelmed with exhaustion. It's been too long since I simply enjoy a bath.

Not ready to settle in just yet he walks through the garden area, enjoying the vegetation and reminiscing to his days in the wild. He seems to zone out for a few minutes before opting to dip in. He pays the public pool fee and strips down to the loin cloth. His foot steps are heavy as he wades into the water. Having never been largely concerned with hygiene before he doesn't bother washing up, instead enjoying the feeling of weightlessness in the water.

Eager to make some contacts in the city, he spots an elven woman who reminds him of an old acquaintance. He wades over to Ikari, sitting a few feet to the side of her. "You have a familiar face" he says, with the inflection of a compliment. "Would you share in a conversation with a man out of his element?"

Ikari, Female Elf

Ikari looks up, one eye squinting, at the man wading nearby. His rough looking exterior marks him as no simple commoner, and the accent and facial features are from the North. He appears to be a bit spoiled and unkempt.

She can imagine that her elven features might look like other elven women to the human male. She knows she is not exceptionally beautiful as some, just typically... elven.

Glancing down, she sees the floating dirt and grim around his bare torso, and the distorted view of his feet underwater brings to mind that if he did not wash his upper body and legs, his feet must be down right disgusting. And if he has not wiped his arse...

She looks almost horror-struck as these thoughts reveal themselves on her facial expression. Her voice is quiet to not carry far.

"Sir, you must wash before coming into the public bath. This is not the sewer or a river."

"Quick! Get out of the water before they catch you."

Ikari glances around, seeing if there are any attendants watching or noticing and she gets up herself, scrambling backwards to sit on the edge of the pool. Her legs are pulled up to her chest, out of the water now.

She is not really wanting to make a scene and get herself tossed out by association. She paid some of her remaining silver for this luxury and is not wanting it wasted by some uncouth barbarian with no sense of hygiene.

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Fjoris raises an eyebrow to the protests of the woman, and a casual but slight smile comes over him. He looks down at his floating trail of sediment and chuckles quietly. Life must be easier here if the people have time to worry about a little dirt in the water. He shoots a quick look at some of the other pool goers, seeing that most of them haven't noticed his mess. He does note a few foul looks from the people. He also notes a small frog like creature bubbling about in the pool, Seems even some animals are more fit for civilized life than I. He chuckles again.

He starts to climb out of the pool in a lumbering manner, "Didn't mean to ruin your bath lady." His deep voice, seems regretful, but just barely. He walks over to his gear, and fumbles with it for a moment, I think 5 silver should be enough. He walks over with a small, weathered pursue that jingles slightly as he walks and holds it out. "Let me make it up to ya, your next bath is on me." He motions with his head, encouraging her to take it. He has an arbitrarily courteous look on his face, but a large scar seems to mar the gesture.

Maybe a tavern would be a better fit for me. He raises an uneasy eyebrow as he notices there aren't other piles of belongings around the pool. With his hand still out, he keeps a slight eye on his gear, ready to sprint at a moments notice should somebodies fingers start to feel a little light.

Ikari, Female Elf

Ikari waves away the man's coin purse, since none of the attendants noticing yet. They are probably wondering if the Grippli is going to continue blowing bubbles as he plays around in the pool.

Her voice still hushed to not attract attention, "Sir, I am not in need of charity. As long you do not have me kicked out of the bathing area, I am not out any money."

"You are certainly welcome to stay and enjoy soaking in the heated water, but first you must wash."
She gestures towards the archway leading to the male changing and cleaning rooms. "And use the soap." She would have thought that was a given, but still offered that last advice since the northerner appeared to miss needing to clean before coming into the public soaking pool.

Still not putting her feet back in, Ikari tucks her legs under her to lean over the water. With her hands, she scoops some of the water with surface scum floating in it to fling it onto the stone slabs of the patio surrounding the pool itself. She is trying to look casual and inconspicuous about it though.

Application Post

Elinor slowed her approach to the public pool, looking curiously at the tableau in front of her.

A broad-shouldered man with blonde hair and a reddish-tinted beard stood at the pool near a much shorter and slighter woman with dusky skin and black hair. The man looked to be Ulfen to Elinor’s eyes; the woman was an elf. Neither of them stood in the pool itself. Instead, a creature was swimming about within it,

The creature was odd-looking, frog-like, with slick green skin and very thin limbs. She studied it for a moment, a light frown creasing her brow, uncertain if it was animal or humanoid.

Elinor was a tall woman, standing just under six feet, with broad shoulders and auburn hair braided in a quick updo. A few wisps fell around her face, framing her angular features and sea green eyes. She wore simple undergarments, a wrap bra and knickers. Her skin was slightly damp, having just come from the showers.

It appeared there was some sludge floating at the surface of the water. Suddenly Elinor understood what must have happened. She wondered whose pet had relieved itself in the pool.

“Is there an…issue, with the water?”

Elinor’s voice was a low contralto, accentless and crisp. She looked somberly between the Ulfen man and the elven woman.


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