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New to Myth Weavers!

New to Myth Weavers!

Hello everyone! I'm not too used to playing RPG's online but I have played DnD a lot throughout the years and Have played pathfinder over the past year. I will say that I DO love the Dresden Files books and own most of them but I've never played the RPG. I would mostly like to do basic RPG's without too many numbers online, seems like that could get complicated.

I was referred to this forum by WayWalkerLeigh while talking to them over the Way Walkers: University sequel. If I could jump into a game that has THAT kind of roleplaying I would really enjoy that.

I'm also a bit of a writer myself. I have one story I've worked on for several years that has ALOT to it and another story that I've been writing for the past year and a half that has developed a ton. I'm not sure if I'll ever turn either of THOSE into RPG's but who knows?

If anyone cares to give me some information on ANYTHING I've talked about I'd love to talk about it and learn. And if anyone happens to know about ChoiceScript then I would really like to learn how to use it

Why dont you go into and read about the choice script? Seeing as how they made it, they should be able to answer those questions for you. And, if you'r looking for a game you should start a post in "games-->games planning. Thats what i diid, and found a few players who were willing to hock me up with a game, even though i was new and dident understand much about it.

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