Near the Stargate

Sarah comes up alongside the physicist and comments, "That's a shame. I do enjoy a leisurely scotch course. I'd hate to have to cut it short."

She keeps walking along and closes the gap between her and moves to quickly close the gap between herself Wantanabe's detail when she hears the report of two more gunshots. Worried and waiting for another radio transmission from Forsythe and Freidrich, she looks anxiously at the cave mouth. With that much 'dissuasive fire' she beginning to worry more about their situation.

Major Thorsson, meanwhile, decides not to wait for another radio transmission, raising her own radio and clicking the transmit button.

"Forsythe, Friedrich, report. What are you firing at?"
She looks slightly peeved at the expense of ammunition.
Or maybe it might be the Doctor and Doctorette in front of her arousing her ire.

With no sign of immediate danger, the airmen press forward toward the cave opening. After peering within, they wave the rest of the group onward.

Onward into the other thread...


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