The Rod of Seven Parts

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The Rod of Seven Parts

The Rod of Seven Parts - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Dec 1 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 4

The doors swung open slowly as Gara'cias pushed them open with his massive arms of golden hued skin. His thick white boots take long strides across the pristine white marble floors of the open domed hall. He approaches the small table, surrounded by tall concave bookshelves surrounding it and the old man sitting there. He turned around upon hearing the steps, smoking the honey flower in his long ivory pipe tipped in gold. His eye's widened as Gara'cias handed him a small piece of stiff skin that apparently had been used as parchment. It was written in the infernal tounge of the devils and upon glancing over it quickly with his eyes, he grimaced closing his eyes while he did so. He recovered from his emotion, placed the piece of skin in a book and replaced the book on the shelf.

"It is time. Our first move is to contact them. Let us begin our plans."

This game will be a quick planar hopping game where the players go on a search for an artifact. More details to be posted later. As you can see, this ad is up for a while so I'll be filling in threads as needed but for now go ahead and ask questions etc here.

System: 3.x 3.5
Sources: PHB, PHB II, all completes. All core (PHB, DMG, MM) No Tomb of Battle, nothing that changes how the spell system works too much as a whole.
Races: Open to anything in the races books, MM's, and savage species/completes/core nothing homebrew. This is a planes hopping game so feel free to run wild with this.
Monster Races: Keep LA in mind. If LA is above +3 use savage species or talk to me about a progression if it isn't in there.
Templates: Keep these basic, no over the top incorporeal type templates or anything above LA+3.
Flaws/Traits: Pick one flaw, one trait if you want. You don't have to pic but once decided it can't be changed. Don't forget the bonus feat that goes with this.
Level: Starting level 6. Three classes maximum (this includes if you prestige).
Classes: Anything from the sources above is fine.
Abilities: 4d6 drop the lowest. 4 6's means a 19. Roll three sets take the best.
Wealth: By level per DMG, half of this can be spent on items you want. Other half can be rolled randomly or given to you in the form of an item chosen by myself.

Need a warrior type (melee or ranged) to take the place of the guy who has been dropped.

Game Description:

The Rod of Seven Parts

Never underestimate a large group of low hit die creatures.

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Ok, so that's 6 levels. But is there an ECL or LA for this? If so, what would the final leveling look like?

See, this is why 3.5 is so confusing to me. Far too many options, less than half of which make sense. Granted, I am making this more difficult on myself than I need to. I mean, I don't really need to create some weird-ass, flaked out dragon character. But for some reason, when campaigns start beyond 1st level - especially when everyone in the thread is throwing out all this advanced character creation stuff - I feel the need to have to try and keep up. 6th level [insert singular class here], or prestige class with weird race for all these extra benefits? Well, which one will help me keep up with the rest of the group? Right...

Basically the LA is those Half Dragon template levels. Basically you're treating the LA as class levels for the purposes of buying it off. Your ECL is 6, but you'll only have 4 proper class levels.

Going into templates is one of those things that the more you do it, the more sense it makes. And at the end of the day, you should play a character you want to play. I mean, I've built some pretty non-functional characters just because I liked them conceptually.

1 Class Level = 1 HD = 1 LA. They're all effectively the same, hence the acronym ECL; they just represent slightly different things. Add them all together and you have your ECL.

Multiclassing in 3rd Edition just means you're stacking all those different things on top of one another. Fighter 3/Wizard 3 is an ECL 6 character with three levels in Fighter and three levels in Wizard; 3 Class Levels + 3 Class Levels = ECL 6. A Troglodyte Wizard 1/Cleric 1 is an ECL 6 character. 2 HD + 2 LA + 1 Class Level + 1 Class Level = ECL 6. Rocket science, no?

It's not anywhere near as complicated as you're trying to make it for yourself.

The problem is that it's not written in the book in a way that I would easily understand it. I'm not making it difficult; to me, it's already written difficult. Which is why I need the help.

I think maybe this might be too difficult to pull off. For me, anyhow, seeing as I have about a dozen PBP posts for 3.5E under my belt. Yes, that's right - no tabletop experience with this edition, and a dozen PBP posts. That's my experience with 3.5. And the more I try to do it, the more I am getting convinced that it isn't the system for me.

Firstly, I think you are getting confused by those progression classes. Those are a way for someone to play something which wouldn't normally be allowed at this level. Since we are starting at L6, that shouldn't be necessary for races and things which aren't super-powerful.

Secondly, I don't think you need to worry about "keeping up". Monstrous races actually tend to be worse for a lot of things; if you play a plain Human Wizard, Druid, or Cleric, say, you already have world-changing power at your fingertips. Now actually it's easy to screw those classes up because there are a lot of bad options for them but all you need to do is rest and memorise new spells, and you're good to go again.

If you want some dragon flavour, I'd say the simplest options are as follows:
-Half-Dragon template. You get a bunch of cool dragon powers etc. This has an LA of +3 so instead of starting at L6, you start at L3 (L3 + 3 LA = ECL 6).
-Draconic template [Races of the Dragon, Draconomonicon]. A lesser version of the above template, you don't get as much but it's only LA +1, so you start at L5. I'd suggest this over the above, as you get quite a bit of "bang for your buck", so to speak.
-A race from Races of the Dragon, like the Spellscale or Dragonborn. Completely LA +0, so it's nothing to worry about full stop..

Everyone is going to be the same ECL, regardless of race or class so don't worry about keeping up. If your not really used to the system or new, just stick with something out the PHB. Nothing like a plain fighter for a hack and slash type game.

Gameplay is basically going to go something like this:

Introduction, Go after first artifact piece, return with artifact piece, city exploration/shopping/find a side quest or two, 2nd mission to get another piece of artifact, repeat.

I'm not going to railroad you guys as far as which you decide to do and in what order but this isn't going to be a wide open game it's going to be quick paced and action packed with downtime for crafting/shopping/a little rping.

As far as classes go, I'm looking for a well rounded group. They'll be traps/locked areas/secret doors so I'm def lookin for a rogue. Arcane/divine casters might want to look into some portal/planer type spells (check out Manual of the Planes).

Some of you may want to put at least some ranks in knowledge of the planes because you'll be coming up against various outsiders and traveling to various planes.

Devils will come into play as well as demons so checking out the fiend folios wouldn't be a bad idea as their are some feats that could help you against them.

Just throwing these ideas out there so you can help to develop characters further. Also, if you guys want, you can apply with another character, but either use the same set of ability scores you have for your first character or pick another in the set.

Yeah, someone else is probably going to have to cover the planar angle arcane spell-wise. As a Wu Jen, I pretty much only get what's listed in the Complete Arcane, which doesn't really delve into that much. I have a pretty solid Knowledge (planes) though.

Later I might start buying some pure element, if The Planar Handbook is allowed, so I'll always have an element on hand if I need to manipulate it.

I think my character would definitely give you the rogue you're lookin' for. ^_^ She's a good balance of damage and skills, so she'd be well suited for dungeon crawling.

...don't you just love it when you go to write a backstory for a character and before you know what's happened, you've written a 1000-word short story?

*goes to try and slim down the exposition*

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