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Inter Femoribus - Ars Magica 5

Inter Femoribus - Forum
Ars Magica
Ad Closes: Nov 16 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Welcome to Ars Magica 5

Game Description:

Inter Femoribus (lat. “between the thighs”) – covenant seeking members (Ars Magica 5)

It’s the year 1216. You are a young magus/maga in your third or fourth year after the gauntlet. You have received a parcel and a letter from a mysterious messenger. The parcel contains a high quality tractatus on intellego magics; the letter explains that you have been chosen to rejuvenate an old and powerful covenant. To find its location all you must do is read out loud the second half of the letter:
“I hereby solemnly promise and swear that I have not shared information about this letter or its contents with anyone, nor will I ever do so in life or death until I’ve been freed from this promise by a full member of Inter Femoribus. I swear upon the Oath of Hermes I have sworn. If I share information about this letter or its contents I renounce my Oath of Hermes and want to be hunted down like a rabid dog.”
As you swear, the back of the letter changes into a map showing the location of the covenant and a date…

I’m looking for about 4 players willing to play a mage who is 2 years + 1d8 seasons out of gauntlet. We will not (initially) be using companion characters, and the grogs will be the standard templates. Players are expected to post at least 5 times a week.
The location of the covenant is only revealed to players who create gently gifted characters before they create their characters (because they must be able to create a character that speaks the local language - put "local language" onto your character sheet if you are gently gifted and want your character to speak the local language).
Characters are created using Ars Magica core, and the Houses of Hermes books and covenants ONLY. The two years after gauntlet are there to individualize characters – in close cooperation with me. We will be using the very detailed rules for that time.
You want a familiar? Initiation into a mystery? A good book? Spend a season on it and I’ll tell you how far you get.
You are expected to plan 16 seasons past gauntlet. You’ll get 8 seasons guaranteed, plus 1d8 more seasons before the adventure starts (I roll after you lay down your plans, this random number of seasons helps avoid munchkin planning, and gies the feeling that the adventure starts unexpectedly).
There will be study intervals between adventures. The length of these intervals is determined by me. At any time, you are expected to have a study plan for the next 8 seasons.
PeVi destroyer spells are going to be less effective (-10/2 mags). Starting spells up to gauntlet should not be too exotic. I reserve the right to disallow any spell or item I don't like, if I feel it is cheesy.

To apply, post a character at gauntlet (concept, numbers). If there are a lot of applications in a short time, I'll decide whom I take (criteria: no rules mistakes, concept - diversity and creativity, quality of language).

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I haven't played since 4th but I will see what I can come up with.

Is this intended to be a humorous / lighthearted game? I ask because the description does not appear so, but the name seems to contradict that.

Originally Posted by Pyske View Post
Is this intended to be a humorous / lighthearted game? I ask because the description does not appear so, but the name seems to contradict that.
Sexual content is not allowed on this website. So, I must admonish you to meditate on the motto of the Order of the Garter ("honi soit qui mal y pense").

Seriously: The name of the covenant has to do with its geography - not its pastimes.

Without giving anything away, are there any particular themes, directions, etc that you'd like to see this Saga take? I ask as I ponder about six different character options ...

If I had wanted to give away the setting in advance, I would have done so.

As a storyguide, it's my responsibility to provide ANY character with a challenge. Urban magi, wilderness mai, fire, water and wind magi - anything goes.

Don't worry.

The only thing you can do is announce your concept (e.g. Flambeau fire mage, Merinita Muto elementalist, Verditius swordsmith, Bonisagus Aquam specialist and writer...) to the others, so they can choose something else.


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