Act 01 - Pole Climbing

And Noshu makes a play for the lead position.

Using CMBs (remember) so Grom only has a CMD of 15. It's enough to qualify as an ankle grab. Letting it go into an uncontested pull seems a tad unfair tho. We will go for continued use of CMB. Still, Noshu is effectively giving up a chance to move up so she gets something besides a smelly ork foot in her grip.

Before it goes any further, Grom is required to make a Climb Check but since he has been way luckier than I have been, I am not going to roll it for him. 20+ will allow him to maintain his position without any penalty. 15+ means Grom does not lose any ground but he does lose his next action in maintaining his hold due to Noshu's interference. 10+ Means Grom loses another 'stage' of climb, loses his next action but does not fall. Below 10 and Grom's hold is too muddy and slippery and he falls off.

With a growl of frustration Grom attempts to kick off of Noshu to get up.
Dice Roll: 1d20+6z
d20 Results: 20 (Total = 26)
climbing (26)

As far as the other rolls go i roll a couple of d20s. Use them in the order needed because I had trouble following all those things. Also please I beg you add the proper mods for whatever i get. again I know not what I am rolling other then the climb.
Dice Roll: 1d20+z
d20 Results: 18 (Total = 19)
CMD (19)
These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d20+z, 1d20+6z

Okay, so with a 26 climb check you stay on the pole when Noshu suddenly grabs your foot and tugs.

Contested CMB is a 19. If that beats ERS, then you get to chose weather to try and push Noshu off or use her as a foot hold.

If ERS beats you, Noshu can then try and wrench you off or use you as a hand hold.

So the other rolls do not count yet because having foreknowledge of you passing or failing a roll might make ERS choose differently.

Seeing the scuffle between Grom and the other elf, Alleana
Dice Roll: 1d20+6z
d20 Results: 14 (Total = 20)
climbs (20) up the other side of the pole, hoping to avoid both. The last of the sawdust had finally come off her hands, but with slow and careful inching, she managed to gradually psh herself several feet up off the floor once more.

Grom and Noshu tussle for a moment (post appropriately please) but Grom it seems has the upper hand, or at least higher ground advantage. Managing to keep his grip after the surprise tug, he chooses to....

(Grom Pick One)
(A) Knock the other off the Pole. Loser (Noshu this time) makes a Climb check with the Winner's CMB as a penalty. 10 or less = fall off the pole. 15 means Lose a stage. 20 means maintain current position.

(B) Use the other to your Advantage. Grom Gain one stage of climb.

(C) Additional thought; winner can 'ignore' the advantage and just climb instead, in which case everyone makes a normal climb roll.

Both still required to make a climb check for the sole purpose of having a chance to fumble. No other penalty. So basically, don't roll a one or you fall off the pole completely. Anything else is okay to maintain position during the wrestling moment.

(These results are incomplete due to the fact that Grom and Noshu have not finished resolving the struggle)

Grom = 3 Success
Alleana = 1 Success
Noshu = 2 Success

For Your Information

Due to Alleana finally getting a successful climb check, if Noshu doesn't fall or gain ground, she can be pestered from both above and below.

With a grunt as he gets his foot free, a smile of victory and delusions of riches play across his minds eye. Grom renews his climb taking the rare higher moral ground (option B). He knows it is simply and truly the expedient thing to get out of reach of the crazy elf lady.
Dice Roll: 1d20+6z
d20 Results: 11 (Total = 17)
climbing (17)

Grom/Noshu Resolution

Grom = 4 Success
Alleana = 1 Success
Noshu = 2 Success

You opted to take advantage of her instead of putting her at a disadvantage. End result is actually Noshu 'wins' in that she prevented Grom from reaching the top. Stall successful, making you fall, not successful but she didn't lose anything either. In the end, Aleanna is the 'winner' as she got a chance to get some climbing done.

Grom did not critical fumble

Go for next climb set from everyone

Relieved to finally be making some progress again, Alleana
Dice Roll: 1d20+6z
d20 Results: 4 (Total = 10)
climbs (10) onwards. Or tries. However, she once again loses her grip, and slowly but surely slides all the way back down to the ground once more.

Nonetheless, the cheerful elf just grins, sighs and prepares to try again, waving at the crowd members grinning and whistling at her.


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