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Brother of the Black

Brothers of the Black - Forum
Song of Ice and Fire - Westeros
Estimated Members Requested: 5

Greetings from the Wall!

You, oh esteemed weavers of myth, have been cordially invited to join the prestigious Brotherhood of the Night's Watch. Well, some of you were invited, others conscripted, but that's beside the point. In any case, pack your heavy cloaks and your best pair of boots, because you're headed to the end of the world! Here you'll reside in the fabulous Castle Black, eat five-star gruel and salt meat, and spend your nights in a luxurious cell of your very own.

But wait, there's more! When called upon, you'll be sent out into the freezing Lands Beyond the Wall to range and do your commander's bidding. You'll see such sights as the Haunted Forest, the Frostfang Mountains, Storrold's Point, and even the Land of Always Winter! All of this and more can be yours for the low cost of a lifelong vow of servitude and celibacy. But don't worry, you won't be alone, for you'll be surrounded by fellow rapists, murderers, and thieves who've also given up everything to join the ranks of our exclusive Brotherhood.

We look forward to hearing from you... if you have a choice in the matter, that is!


Okay then... I'm Oz, and I'll be your Narrator for this game. The usual conventions for applying are in order; I'm ideally looking for five players, chosen at the end of the process. Submit applications by creating a thread HERE. Make sure you read the house rules presented HERE. There will be no dealing with Houses for this game, so don't worry about that. If you have any questions, ask them here or HERE.

Posting rates will be casual, hopefully every day or so, but I'll try to work towards a comfortable rate for everyone. To compensate for the PbP format, the adventure will be faster paced, meaning that I will skip the boring parts if I see things starting to break down. As always, you get out of it what you put into it.

Game Description:

Welcome to the Watch! In this game, you'll be taking on the role of a Brother of the Night's Watch, and all the glory that it entails. You'll begin on the Kingsroad, traveling to Castle Black, either to be trained and sworn in, or escorting the aforementioned and ensuring they don't run astray. From there, the game will shift focus to ranging and negotiating with the free folk. Set in the decline of summer, you'll have to earn your wools soon if you hope to survive the coming winter.

Well, there won't be any reserving of spots, since players will be chosen on the basis of their application and level of interest. It's always good to meet someone new to the wide world of RPGs, though, so I'd be happy to help you get started.

Go ahead and send me a private message so we can discuss what you know and what you need to know, since I don't want to clutter up this thread with all that. In your first message, give me a summary of what experience you have with RPGs and gaming in general.

In the meantime, it's probably best for you to read through the Fast-Play rules for the game, located HERE.

Are you going to be using the House rules at all, more specifically the converted version for Night Watch games in the Night Watch book? Hmm.. reread the top post, it seems not.

Nope, I decided not to incorporate them into my first attempt Narrating the system, it wasn't necessary for the game anyways.

Makes sense, its just that I was wondering since a significant number of rewards/skills sort of turn on the house system as does warfare. There's significantly less point to being good at stewardship if you don't use the house rules for example.

Hmm... any idea of what this campaign will include? Any abilities that will particularly useful/not useful?

Well, it will primarily involve ranging, but stewards will have opportunities as well, since I'm planning to keep you as a cohesive unit regardless of your specialty for the time being. Thus, a modicum of some kind of weapons training and/or survival skills will be helpful, but being competent in Intrigue will be just as valuable. You'll be dealing with everything north of the Wall and a few things south of it, and you can't just attack everything you see. Problem-solving is the key word, here.

Anything that could be useful at a personal or small-group scale will be useful. The only things that aren't would be related to larger, House-level actions (such as Head for Numbers), or anything related to money (like Trade and Wealthy, hence why you're not allowed to be a builder). Even the Stewardship specialty retains some use, as long as you're a steward, since you get to add it to Persuasion results.


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