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New Unread Posts

New Unread Posts

I'm sure this has been asked before, but...

On the home page, on the right-hand side, is a list of all the games a person is currently GMing, playing, or reading. Which is awesome, because it makes it easy to access the games you are in.

When a new post is put up in one of those games, the little folder icon gets colored in, letting you know there is a new post. Which is also an awesome idea, as one doesn't have to guess if any new posts have been done in that game.

The problem is that even new posts that are private and not meant for you also trigger the folder to get colored in, causing you to look and see that there isn't anything new. This, in my opinion, isn't a critical issue, but it does suck a bit.

Is there any way that it can be coded that if the post is private and the private tag does NOT include you, that in your view the game does not show new posts?

This is a known problem, listed on the Bug and Feature Requests.

Ok then. I apparently have the super power to report bugs that have already been reported.


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