The Coliseum (Pre-game)

The Coliseum (Pre-game)

This small coliseum is made of stone and wood, able to seat almost 1000 spectators for contests of skill at arms and more bloodthirsty events. There are sanctioned training houses, part of the Gladiators' Guild, that supply warriors for the arena. They have barracks, training rooms, cages and pre-staging rooms underneath the arena. These events shown are often not to the death and healers are in attendance to keep the combatants from bleeding out, but accidents can happen. There is even a Tiefling running a company that hires mercenaries to capture and bring back monsters for special events, allowing foolish amateurs a chance at gaining fame in the arena. The plaza around the main entrance features several stalls selling trinkets, food and drink, busiest right before and after the scheduled events. During the off-times, the grand stands are open without admission charges and people have used it as a place for socializing. Children often come and play, hoping to catch sight of some gladiators conducting a practice session inside the arena.

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Majid continued walking through the streets towards the Coliseum. Every step he took toward it he could feel the energy within the air increase. The noises of the city being overcome continually by the roaring of the thousand spectators watching the men fight for their amusement and for their own honor and glory.

Eventually as he drew near the roar of the crowd died, and by the sound of it the event that was currently taking place was over. Dozens of people exited the coliseum speaking amongst each other about the spectacle that just took place, however the noise of the city prevented Majid from listening in on any of the details of the last fight.

Majid's father would take him to the coliseum when he was a mere boy, letting him first watch the battles taking place. As Majid aged, his father began to give commentary and lessons on the fighers below. He explained and taught Majid the fundamentals of fighting man to man, how to gain the edge in such a combat, and lastly that while honor may be won here; it is also lost by those who fight dishonorably. All the time spent here in the Coliseum has left a mark on Majid, as it is the landmark of the city he holds most dear to his heart, and whenever his mind is clouded he can always find clarity either within the crowd of spectators or sparring with the gladiators.

The few friends Majid had within the city, other than guardsman, resided here at the Coliseum. He approaches the gate leading into the gladiator's sparring area, and is let through by the guard at the gate, "Pleasure seeing you again Warden, looking to fight in the arena today? Apparently the next match has an open spot, as one of the gladiators apparently has fallen ill" the gaurds says. "Is that right? he says, intrigued at the opportunity to fight, which comes seldom.

Majid has only fought in the arena once before, when he was much younger and still being trained by his father. It was his father in fact who arranged the match, setting his up against one of the Tiefling Company's most recent catches, a hobgoblin. The results of that encounter were gruesome, however it was necessary for Majid to learn true battle, and not merely sparring with friendly humans. In the end, Majid did come out ahead, with a dead hobgoblin at his feet he felt a degree of pride within his chest, though it may have been the three broken ribs he sustained in the fight that caused that feeling.

"Thanks for letting me know, are Elijah and Mortamir in their quarters?" Mijad asks. "They should be, Elijah is off for the day and Mortamir has a fight in three hours, so he's probably resting up or stretching" the guard responds. "Thanks" Mijad says patting the guard on the shoulders as he enters the Gladiator training area.

The day's last games were well over when Avarim approached the coliseum. He could see old Tom swapping out banners for tomorrow's bouts around the rim of the roof, so he knew he'd have no trouble climbing up. He wended his way steadily through the tiers of stands until he found Tom's ladder and its poorly lettered sign that declared "KEEP OFF!". Nonchalantly ignoring the warning, Avarim climbed to the roof just in time to see Tom swapping out the last of the banners.
"Evening Tom," he said easily.
"Ah, g'd evenin' young master. I's wonderin' if I'd see ya t'night," the old man said, bowed under a pack of banners, but fearlessly balanced on the coliseum's roof.
"Every chance I get," Avarim replied, grinning as he slipped the old man a silver coin. Tom deftly palmed the coin and grinned back.
"So, what's it gonna be t'night? Flips or twists?"
"I think four and two, just as soon as the street clears out a little more. No sense in drawing a crowd."
"Well, enjoy young Master. I'll be leavin' just as soon as you land."
"Thanks, Tom. I'll probably see you again the day after tomorrow," Avarim said, his eyes on the street below. He could feel his pulse quicken at the prospect of jumping. The sun was almost down, casting long shadows in the streets below. After a few moments, there was a break in the sparse foot traffic and the elf laughed and launched himself into the air. He cast
Feather Fall
his spell at the peak of his arc, twisting and flipping as he'd told Tom. As the world spun around him, Avarim revelled in the feeling of falling through the air. As he neared the ground, he completed his last flip and braced for landing. He easily took the shock, and hopped twice to counteract the momentum of his flips. Smiling briefly, he quickly looked around and composed himself before he was noticed. But the blood singing in his ears demanded more. With a spring in his step, Avarim headed for the Sword and Axe, just a few blocks away.

Majid enters the courtyard of the Gladiator's Guild. The courtyard itself is currently occupied by several amateur gladiators either sparring or taking swings at one of the wooden dummies used for practice. Their movement throughout the ring has spurred up much of the dirt within the courtyard, making the air lightly thickened with dirt. Majid coughs at the first breath but adapts quickly to the change. He gives little notice to the unfamiliar gladiators continues his way forward into the barracks of the guild.

Upon entering the barracks of the guild, he is given a few nods of recognition with one man in the center right bunk standing and waving to him. "Majid! What brings you to the guild! the man says. Majid takes a second to walk up to him and they exchange hands and give each other a brief hug, "Elijah, it is good to see you, I was just doing my general route and decided to pop in for a brief hello with you and Mortamir" he says.

Elijah is known as the giant within the arena, and rightly so, he towers above the rest of the gladiators coming in at six foot seven and two hundred and eighty pounds. He has the strength to lift two lesser men while remaining dexterous enough to not be cumbersome. For the most part he does not take part in fights unless challenged by another gladiator, or if the Tiefling company brings in a particularly brutish animal to attract a large audience. His most recent challenge, a rather amateur and fool hearty gladiator named Mortamir has more heart than brawn, but has great potential. Mortamir managed to fight through taking three rather brutish swings by Elijah, only succumbing to the fourth. Mortamir himself did a deal of damage, but nothing of particular significance to Elijah. Despite this, Mortamir and Elijah became quick friends after the fight.

"So I heard Mortamir has a fight coming up in a few hours, who is he fighting? Hopefully not you again" Majid says giving a quick laugh. "Nope, Tiefling company brought in some fresh goblins in yesterday, sending some of them into the arena against Mort. Crowd always seems to like death more than just blood" Elijah replies, and before Majid can speak again Elijah speaks again "You know they are looking for a contestant for the next fight since the poor ole Richter got the shambles, you should fight, ain't never get to see a warden fight." Apparently a few of the other gladiators in the quarters listening in on the conversation take this idea fondly and urge him on "Yeah! Go fight! You must get bored of carrying that sword around in that scabbard all day!" one of them says, with another yelling out from across the room "Wardens don't know how to fight they're all show! House maids use blades more than Wardens." Quite a few of the gladiators chuckle at the joke but it seems to get through to Majid. He doesn't get to use his blade often and while he isn't exactly blood thirsty, a bit of excitement would not be bad.

He takes a second to position himself to speak to the room "Fine, fine, I will fight." The room lets out a roar and cheerful laughter for him. "Very well, get ready, I will let the headmaster know" one of the gladiator says as he runs off to notify the Tiefling company master that they have found a replacement for the next fight.

Majid gives Elijah a nod and heads to the pre-stagings rooms to begin a quick stretch before the fight.

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