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Help select powers for a blaster psion

OK he is utterly clueless. Healing domain is without a doubt one of the worst domains in the game. Ooh, look at me, I get to heal one extra hp every time I cast a healing spell. And the domain spell list isn't all that either.

1 extra hp per casting over a campaign is a lot of extra healing. Still not an amazing Domain though. I take it if I a min/maxing a "heal-bot", every little bit adds up.

Here's the thing. Very rarely will it change the number of heals you need to cast to restore the party to health. Further, you shouldn't be casting that many heals yourself, out of combat healing should be done with wands, in combat healing is usually a wasted action, unless you have Heal, in which case the Healing Domain has some slight usefulness. Taking a domain just for it's effect on a 6th and a 9th level spell? Not a great idea.


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