Main Shopping square (Pre-game)

Skeeve Plowse, Dashing Adventurer

Skeeve, with a pleasant expression on his face, waits for Tholt to finish his apology to Angharad. "Oh, I keep apartments here in the city, actually. I've been living here for about...five years? Maybe six now. I lose track of time sometimes."

It looks like he was about to add more to that statement, but his attention is stolen by a group of people entering the marketplace, especially the two
Atesin and Mirela, to be specific
rather attractive women walking by. After a few moments, he turns back to Angharad and Tholt, and, despite the fact that he has not been asked a question, responds with, "Hm, sorry? I didn't catch that."

Looking about the town square casually, Mirela hides the fact that she is checking the area out for potential danger. Pickpockets, drifters, thugs... this would be the area they'd do the most 'business' in a given day. Turning her attention back to Misha, Mirela can't help but notice that Misha appears perhaps a little on the nervous side. Moving beside him, Mirela interlinks her arm with his, making it appear as though Misha was merely being accompanied by an attractive young woman as opposed to being led. With a pleasant smile, Mirela speaks in a warm and friendly tone "Misha, why don't you take us to speak with some of those friendly merchants you had mentioned. Maybe they know something about Cale we don't." Looking about as they continued to move through the square, Mirela catches the gaze of a
stylishly dressed and handsome rogue and leans her head back to whisper at Atesin with a light laugh "Heh, Atesin... don't look now, but we're being watched."

Angharad looks up when Skeave's glances away, then just smiles as he turns back. "I was just curious as to why you stay here, but..." She gestures in the direction of the two women. "I suspect the answer is obvious."

Wellin's words are reassuring. They alone would have made him feel better. To make his relief absolute, Mirela takes his arm to ensure he does not get separated. The way she links arms does not go unnoticed by him; it is a respectful way of staying together rather than making him appear helpless. He sounds far better off as he says, "Thank you Mister Wellin, Miss Mirela. I'm very grateful."

Now more confident in going forward, Misha scans the nearby area to get his bearings. He indicates to the northeast while saying, "I can't tell from this distance, but there should be a canopy that is dark green somewhere over there. It specializes in bakery items. There are a few bakers here, but only one with that color. If you see one that has a red canopy, I'd suggest avoiding him. He tends to overcharge for his products and can be... um... sort of harsh with words." He looks sheepish at this, recalling the baker who had told him and Cale to get lost when neither had the silver piece necessary to buy even one item. The baker's mocking tone at offering to cut it in half for five copper was enough to nearly get Cale to punch him. Misha had managed to pull him away before anything came of it, but they never went back after.

At the mention of 'someone watching' Wellin lets his gaze trail around where Mirela was recently looking, that purple hat is not difficult to spot. The well-dressed human chuckles quietly as he brings his eyes back to the direction their small group is traveling toward. "Stylish, but needs to learn to appreciate beauty without being quiet so obvious." Further chuckles and a light smile follow as Wellin listens to Misha's directions and descriptions. "Yes I think I see what you mean." He begins to head in that direction which will bring them a fair bit closer to the 'other' group.

Skeeve Plowse, Dashing Adventurer

Skeeve can't help but chuckle sheepishly as Angharad calls him out, and quite rightly so at that. "Well, I can't deny what's plainly true, I suppose. There are certainly fringe benefits to living in a city; it's easier to meet people."

Fishing a piece of dried meat out of his beltpouch, he offers it down to Coli the wolf, and asks of Angharad, "So, what brings you and your erstwhile companion to Parthacia, Miss Angharad?"

Pip the Thrush A tiny bird, no larger than a newborn chicken, lights atop Skeeves hat in a fluff of grey, blue, and white feathers. "Silly man, wolves don't ride in boats or carriages, so it must have been legs." the Thrush states matter-of-factly before snapping a fly out of the air that had been circling the young rakes belt pouch.

Iolana the Varisian"Oh? Seeing as how birds don't ride in blouses like lazy stowaways, I'm sure you must have flown into the city then." responds a chiding voice from the woman crossing over from a nearby baker's stall, the bird twittering a lilting tune as it avails itself of the ample perch the girls light brown leather bodice was creating. The tune blended into time with the clash of the gilded chains around her swaying waist and the jingle of the bracelet of bells on her bare ankle as she walked. She stopped mid step, a hint of thigh showing from the slit in her long, bright red skirt, threw her long, sparsely braided black hair behind her canary yellow garbed shoulders, and flashed a bright smile from between her scarlet-painted lips before speaking to Skeeve. "I'd say your friend's companion was a strange sight, but Pip tells me there is a six foot tall raven walking around today. They stand out almost as much as that hat of yours." she waits a moment for recognition before frowning in a slight pout. "Don't tell me you don't recognize me?"

Skeeve Plowse, Dashing Adventurer

Somewhat startled, Skeeve resists the urge to look up at the sound of the voice coming from his hat, and is rewarded for the lack of the impulse a moment later when the little thrush takes off again. Muttering to himself, "I wish I could say that was the first time that's happened to me," he watches the path the obviously magical bird takes through the air...

...straight into Iolana's cleavage. Skeeve chuckles a little at the woman's banter with her familiar, looking up to meet her eyes after a few moments. "I'm sorry, miss, but I don't believe we've met. I'd remember if I'd met someone like you, to be sure." Sweeping off his hat, he gives a gallant little bow. "Skeeve Plowse, at your service."

Pip the Thrush"Told you. The hat's too big and he's too small and pretty." the bird exclaimed before releasing a tiny burp and settling into a light doze.

Iolana the Varisian"Shush you." the girl scolded into her cleavage with a bit more color to her cheeks."Nice to meet you Skeeve. I had you confused for someone I used to know around here, he had a hat that yours reminded me of. Sorry for interrupting your conversation." she finishes with a nod towards the woman and her wolf.

Angharad and Coli watch the baker girl and the bird play with the young man. She gives Coli a warning look only to find it unnecessary. He looks less interested in the bird, than the jangle of the girl. These are unusual sounds for him. Angharad slides closer to rest more of her leg against him for comfort.

"The bird's insinuation is correct, but not the heart of the question asked. I found my home to narrow-minded. So I am wandering in search of a more fitting place." She looks around the market dubiously. "I'm not certain this place is it however. Seems a bit crowded."


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