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Agents of the Twelve

The Dragon Between - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e - Eberron
Ad Closes: Nov 24 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 5

Game Description:

The Dark Lanterns serve the crown of Breland as spies and assassins. Collectively they form the intelligence division of the King’s Citadel, a much larger organization sworn to defend Breland from its enemies and dispense justice in the name of King Boranel. More than any other division within the Citadel, the Dark Lanterns tend toward intelligence-gathering missions that extend beyond Breland’s borders. As the secret servants of the crown, members of the organization are granted the authority to conduct intelligence operations on foreign soil, execute covert missions across the globe, and prevent national secrets from falling into the hands of rival intelligence agencies. The Dark Lanterns also have an unwritten license to eliminate any creature that threatens their nation, its sovereign, or its citizens.

The King’s Dark Lanterns were vital to Breland’s defense during the Last War. However, conspiracies abound in the aftermath of war as nations struggle to rebuild and reclaim what was lost. The Thronehold Accords have done nothing to end the secret conflicts being waged across the Five Nations—conflicts steeped in espionage and subterfuge. With the threat of another war looming on the horizon, Breland needs its Dark Lanterns now more than ever.
Me, Sillaric of course.

[Game Explanation]
I managed to wonderfully fill my Agents of the Twelve group and mostly fill the Dark Lanterns group from the last advertisement. I am only short some sort of healer for the Dark Lanterns group.

[Application Process]
Post your application as a new thread in game's Applications folder linked below, in the following format (you can make a sheet and include your statblock at the bottom if you want, but it cannot replace the regular format):

Character Name:

Physical/Personality Description: A paragraph or more (2 max please) describing your character's physical appearance and personality. If you want to put secrets into your characters personality you can "private tag" them in this area. Include how your character reacts to stress/danger, how your character dresses in the field, in the tavern, etc and how he/she generally deals with others socially.

Background: No more than 6 paragraphs (1-2 is fine if you can get the point across that quickly). Please see below for some guidance on how this needs to be. Important, this section must explain how your character was recruited by Eberron's premier spy organization.

Writing Sample: This can be a sample from a game you're in already but I'd rather it be something you've written for this character. It doesn't have to be super long, just do some in-character writing to show case who your character is and show off that you are capable of solid grammar and spelling.



Link to APPLICATIONS folder:

[Character Creation]
Creation will be standard for a character starting at level 4, using a 28-pt buy, with 5400gp for equipment. Every character receives one free feat but it must be either a Dragonmark Feat or an Eberron-specific Racial Feat. LA buy-off is not allowed. Creatures with an LA or Racial HD up to 2 are acceptable for use but nothing with a base size larger than Medium unless you come up with something really really good and it must meet all the guidelines above.

A special note regarding FR-specific races, skills and classes. Nothing from an FR-specific source will be allowed without very specific DM approval.

[Sources allowed]
I have access to most everything from 3.5e and of course all Eberron supplements are acceptable. I don't like weird, way out their builds, so if you decide to use a little known supplement please give any needed title and page numbers please. I'm not opposed to monster characters, especially since many of the races considered monstrous in other game worlds are considered commonplace in Eberron.

Feel free to PM with any questions but know that I will likely post the answer here for all to see (it cuts down on repeating myself). Also please note that I am only recruiting for a character to fill a Healer's role with this group.

I will close the advertisement thread on Friday November 30th at midnight or sooner if a complete application just jumps off the screen at me.

Can't imagine anyone remembers me, but I'm tentatively returning... so, hi Weavers, it's been a long time!
Originally Posted by Sillaric View Post
To be honest Zelkon, I didn't strictly forbid evil characters but I don't really like running with them in games. You can do it but the deck is stacked against you quite a bit.
I was thinking more like "overly ambitious," but I have plenty of other ideas.

This is another Sillaric game... and an Eberron one too

I just got some Eberron books, so a reading I will go... I'm thinking about applying with a Rogue at this point... stay tuned for an App.

Bummer. There is lots of time so come back if inspiration strikes.

Okay, I've thought of a way to cross over stories with someone if anyone's interested/fits the scenario I have in mind. Basically, a little elf girl that stays with my character 'hires' a 'mercenary' to help her get to a town. This is so she can catch up with my character shortly after he is nearly killed being cut from his house. What this means: I need someone who would hear the request of this girl, see she has very little money, and still agrees to help her find my character. The benefit: my character would essentially be saved by that person, meaning he would be all too happy to help in the future if something came up.

If this interests anyone, either drop a note or PM me and we can work something out.

You've probably answered this but how are we calculating hit points? Do we roll on the application thread?

1st Level Max, roll as normal afterwards. Roll in your app.

For the Dragonmark group, I have a Dragon touched human Rogue Soulknife to whom belongs to the Finder Guild... the House of Tharashk.

I'm just working on my background now, so if anyone wants to consider linking backgrounds I'm open to idea's.

CG I'm still considering your offer, but I'll need to research Eberron a bit more before I work out my characters fit in the world.

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