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Good Back Catalog Wii games?

Good Back Catalog Wii games?

so am thinking of getting a WII U, and figure the Wii market may tank once the new system comes out, and rather not spend bazillion worth of dollars on super new things( besides the system)

Anyone have good idea on what to get, as I know WII also has a lot of shovelware.

Basically anything that's instantly recognizable as Nintendo. That's Zelda, Mario, Metroid (I'd try to get the Prime Collectors Edition if you can find it, although you should skip Other M), Super Smash Bros. Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem etc. etc.

Apart from that, there's Xenoblade Chronicles, Goldeneye 007, The Last Story, Lego Star Wars, and Monster Hunter.

I too plan on stocking up on Wii titles before the system is no longer sold in "large" stores.

Best of luck to you, silverwolfer!

It also has the best port of Resident Evil 4, depending on how you feel about the controls. (I personally love them.) Though Okami got a gorgeous HD release (which is probably the preferable port now), the Wii port is great too.

Otherwise, yeah, the big Nintendo franchises are always great. I particularly loved The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Punch-Out and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

It really does depend on your taste in games as well.

I love the games Monster Lab and Death Jr. but they're certainly not mainstream. SSX games are good as well but I'd certainly skip over SSX Blur entirely! Muramasa is really cool.

Now you also want to remember this factoid that was just announced yesterday...

"Any Wii software - digital or disc-based - must be played on a TV within Wii U's Wii Mode, which is enabled through the system's Day One update. This mode will only operate as Wii did, with that system's controllers and accessories, and nothing else."

Edit: I'd also throw Okami and The Last Story in the mix as awesome-sauce.

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