Playtesters wanted for Fantasy Freeform System

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Playtesters wanted for Fantasy Freeform System

Playtesters Sought for Fantasy Setting - Forum
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You have been summoned by Lord Milton while enjoying yourself at Lord's Arena. A complex that features gladiator fights, gambling, booze and brothels. It even segregates by class.

Lord Milton has a proposition for you and a few others. You are playing level 6 characters.

As this is a play test, I am keeping the setting light. Play testers will get first access to the full campaign when it starts.

Hello everyone. I kid you not, you do not have to read the rules to play. It is a freeform game and far more about the story than it is about the crunch.

If you don't want to read the rules, just tell me a simple character concept and I can assign a class and stat that fits the character.



Detailed concept Information: What does your character do, how do they fight, how do they interact with the world in non-combat ways.

Detailed History and Background: Who is your character and what have they done.

As this is a play test I am only looking for about a paragraph in Concept and History/background.

Game Description:

I am looking for playtesters for a freeform fantasy system. It is designed to give a slight rule base to a freeform game.

The system is so simple, that you do not even have to read the rules. Just tell me what you want to play and the character is created.

This test game will involve a group of characters who are called before a powerful lord in a large city and tasked with a mission to enter a crypt.

For those who are curious how it works:

Players pick two words to describe their character. These two words tell us everything (crunchwise) that we need to know. The rest is up to you and the story you want to tell.

The first word is the characters class. Rogue, warrior, cleric, etc. The second word is a stat that shows unusual training/capabilities. Intelligence, Strength, Charisma.

All wizards are intelligent, but some are charismatic, some are strong, some are dexterous and some are even more intelligent than their peers.

For a Full break down on classes, stats and how they effect each other:

Name: R'Rhanna
Race: Wemic (body of a lion, human torso)
Concept: wandering merc, scout, 2-weapon fighter
Class: Warrior
Stat: Strength

Detailed concept Information: R'Rhanna fights with twin axes and her claws, jumping enemies to kill as quickly as possible. She puts her faith in her strength and agility, looking down on those who need steel or magic to keep them safe. She knows it is effective and even wise to walk encased in heavy armour of magic, but in her eyes a person's worth is not in what they have but in what they do. She is a skilled hunter and stalker, quick to strike and kill, but she is patient enough to wait for the right time to move decisively.

Detailed History and Background: 9 years ago, when her father lost his last and only fight, fled those who would kill her, as it was custom, to prevent her from becoming a threat to the new alpha male. She was hunted for a while, but managed to evade or those who would threaten her life. Ever since she has been fighting for causes, lending her immense strength to those who were in the right.

I'm currently rethinking my magic design, being overly influenced by D20. I think that all magic should be the same in game use, just stem from different things.

Wisdom - comes from a source that the user taps into via belief or prayer. Gods, nature, ideals. You call upon the power of your god to bend reality.

Intelligence - comes from careful research, design and discovery. You have used your giant brain to unlock the secrets of magic and make reality your bitch.

Charisma - comes from internal power. You personally tear reality through sheer personality.

On that note - I will be reducing the general power of a sorc to that of a wizard (bodily concept) I had toughened sorcs up to account for having less magic. divine classes will stay the same as they were already balanced around this thought. warmage will stay the same as they are limited to only combat-oriented magic.


In this system, Magic mechanically is exactly the same for everyone. Flavor and stat used to cast is all that changes.

Wisdom based casters - Call upon an outside source to gain powers. This could be from a god, from nature, from an ideal, etc. Magic typically requires a focus (holy symbol, branch of a special tree, etc.)

Intelligence based casters - Have learned to manipulate reality by learning spells. This comes from intense study and learning. Magic typically requires strange hand symbols, incantations, special materials.

Charisma based casters - Have innate power that they can wield through will and personality. This is internal (demonic heritage, psionic powers, innately magic, etc.). This magic often requires some level of effort (hand symbols, incantations) but may change from user to user as everyone learns different ways to manipulate their powers.

Casting magic falls into 3 categories.

Minor Casters - Classes that have little magic or people who have chosen to use a mental stat for magic.
Very limited access to magic
Hand full of spells (2-4)
Use magic to enhance core class powers, not a class focused on using magic
Bards, Druids

Medium Casters - Classes that have limited magic abilities but may cast quite often and know a variety of spells
Access to magic is usually limited by concept
Large access to spells, but usually on set themes
Uses magic as part of core class concept
Clerics and Battlemages: Both have access to magic, but almost entirely based around combat magic
Creators: Limited by only being allowed to have certain magic items prepped

Major Casters - Classes that have few limits on their access to magic
Access is only limited by power level
Can cast multiple spells from multiple concepts
Magic is core class concept
Wizards, Sorcerers and Faithful

Yeah, I think I'm gonna leave it with the spells then. I don't know how useful charisma without spells will be in a dungeon crawl, but I'll see what I can do with feints and bluffing.

Edit: How did so many posts happen before I posted this? I really need to stop looking at random youtube videos while writing on forums.

Theo - The game will start off in a social setting, but the dungeon crawl will be the majority of it. The game is about character concept more than power levels. As everyone is assumed to be roughly as dangerous as everyone else, it means that a witty rogue with no magic, is probably wittier than a witty rogue with magic and that the witty rogue with magic has to use magic to keep up with the witty rogue with no magic.

djdemiko - Do sorcerers still have limited casting, or do they have the same casting as everyone else?

NAME: Dal Rend

RACE: human but with a legendary, forgotten bloodline

CONCEPT: Unpredictable; Unorthodoxed


STAT: Dexterity

Dal Rend is the unusual type of character who can walk right up to you and you still never see it coming. He can dodge and deflect like no other. He has been known to absorb some elements (nature or magical) into himself which can replenish energy and "overcharge" him. His major ability though Is, due to his bloodline tap, flushing energy into himself. Depending on what he chooses, he can give himself inhuman strength, speed, agility, and toughness. Also he can close his wounds with this ability. Using the ability drains him after, depending on how much he had to use it.

History/description: he stands around 5'11" and is well built... He has chin length brown wavy hair with a small, groomed beard.

By Unorthodoxed I mean that he wasn't born or raised into being a monk. He is an orphan and has been in search of his bloodline since he can remember. In his search, he found a man who claimed he could help him "uncover" his bloodline. In doing so the man showed him how to tap into his soul. It unlocked or awakened his bloodline and some of their power. He then chose to learn from the man until his death. So Dal Rend set off to find the locations that his memories and visions had revealed

Side Note: he always tends to end up in bad situations. He also tends to unintentionally make enemies as well as friends. He almost ALWAYS has a bounty on his head. He just happens to be really good (or really lucky) at getting out of those super sticky situations.

Also his eyes are a bright honey. He fights unarmed, his custom daggers, or gauntlets.... He can fire a bow and throw daggers well but he doesn't carry a bow.

Switching from Creator to Warrior. On the site it says, "Warrior is incredibly resistant to damage and is likely to have some power to shapeshift in minor ways. Warriors are capable of incredible feats of survival and seem to barely recognize taking damage."

Maybe I'll sacrifice the shapeshift ability with being able to shape metal, woods and leathers into useful items, weapons and armor.

Panda - If you just want to be a black smith or craftsman, any class can.

Warriors are an amalgum of rangers/barbarians/etc. This could be a thoughful forest hunter to a wildman that takes on the aspect of the wolf.

Theo - sorcs no longer have limited spell casting. They know a bunch of spells for this play test. I may limit it later.

Dal - Keep in mind you are playing a level 6 character, you are impressive, but in no way inhuman. You also have a lot going on with this character as he seems to be super awesome at basically everything. He can dodge and deflect like no other, has super human strength and speed, has self healing. Can you take it down a few notches?

Monk cha might make more sense as the cha might explain how he improves his own power. Generally, the power level is just way too high.


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