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Roscoe nods to Akkret.
"Of course, by all means, rest. If it's all the same to everyone, I'll stay up a little while longer and continue a vigil of sorts. Not that I doubt we're safe here, but as long as the chance exists that we're being hunted, I'd just as soon stay up and take first watch. If someone could relieve me after a few hours so that Duke and I can catch a quick nap, I'd appreciate it."

As soon a Akkuret pauses, a sound so abbrasive that it starts turning Samara's silks in to wool is heard from back of the group.


Kujo has apparently fallen asleep between "I have news of which you may be interested" and "Excellent."

You have chosen character number 30 out of a possible 3

Only half-listening to the Priest, Sveyn instead turns his attention to trying to locate the Priest that he was sent to find, a man or woman by the name of Akan. But fails miserably.

Samara the Crimson Witch

"I'm impressed, you do seem to know a lot about this Chalfon Dalsine. Your impressive network of spies wouldn't happen to know where he lives by chance would you?" Samara had made herself quiet comfortable sitting on the cleanest stool she could find, her legs crossed in front of her as she swirled the last bit of wine in her goblet in circles. "Let's not forget that Muesello was just captured, I hardly think now is the time for us to rest. We could use the cover of night to sneak into this Dalsine fellows home and steal back the items from him. My only concern is that those coded cyphers and Muesello himself will find their way into the hands of the Lion Blades before we can intercept them. And somehow I don't think that will go very well for the old man...Let alone the Pathfinders."

Leena will also try to find Ahan even as she listens to the background of Dalsine.
Dice Roll: 1d20+4z
d20 Results: 13 (Total = 17)
Gather Information (17).

"Roscoe, I'll take third watch if you can get Kujo to take second watch." Leena says smiling.

Elizabeth W.

Akkuret yawns hugely once more. "Of course, of course... but I hardly think running off to Dalsine's manor, half-cocked, ill-prepared and fatigued will do you or Muesello any good. I think your friends feel the same." Akkuret indicates Kujo as well as the others discussing watches as he yawns once more.
It is an easy matter to find the fellow named Ahan among the seven Sarenites that had been at the temple. "M'name's Ahan... What can I do for you?"

"I has a message for's ya fr'm Ambr's Vals'n. He ses dat de Rubied Prince forgives ya, 'n' dat ya should ret'rn home 'n' dat ya should make contact wit da Pathfinders again." Sveyn says to Ahan in the best Common that he can muster.

The man frowns as he listens. "Oh, he forgives me, does he? Well that's just grand." The sarcasm is clearly dripping, "Aye, well you can tell him..."

(Does anyone else want to give that diplomacy a go? It's going to be a hard sell by the sound of it.)

Leena tries to convince Ahan. "The Osirion goup at the Pathfinders' lodge says to tell you the Ruby Prince has forgiven you. And you should contact them as soon as you can. Likely the forgiveness won't last if you don't get in touch soon." Leena says to Ahan
Dice Roll: 1d20+4z
d20 Results: 10 (Total = 14)
diplomatically (14).

Elizabeth W.

The man pauses as Leena speaks, but you can tell from his expression that her words aren't getting through. "If anyone is going to need forgiveness, it'll be the Ruby Prince. If you'll excuse me, I will bid you a good night before I say something that I might regret! Good night!"

You can try again tomorrow.

With Akkuret making preparations for the night, and Ahan red-faced and unwilling to talk, the Pathfinders settle in to get some sleep for the day ahead.

The night passes uneventfully. Taking turns at the watch, you are joined by several of the Sarenites who are happy enough to make light conversation through the long night. With no light to go by, morning comes as everyone has had their fill of rest... which seems to come all at once, the refuge coming to life with talk and preparations of breakfast. Most of the Sarenites spend some time in prayer, even a few going down into the crypt to pray for their ancestors.

Akkuret still has more of his story to tell, but he seems strangely reticent this morning, almost as if he is avoiding you. He stands by the door, looking out towards the catacomb tunnel through which you traveled last night with a naked blade in his hand.

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