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Sigil (City of Doors) - Escape the Cage

Escape the Cage - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Ad Closes: Nov 20 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Game Description:

You were dumped unceremoniously upon the well trampled earth as your momentum finished carrying you through the door way. While it took a moment for you to gather your senses together, as you looked about you instantly knew where you were- and dread set in. High arching glorious buildings sat alongside spiraling Elven architecture, which sat alongside squat rocky dwarven adobes- which sat away from but next to goblinoid hovels. The landscape curved upwards and in the far, far distance you could make out the landscape turning back on itself.


Gods be damned. You were in the Cage- and you were already gathering attention as you dusted yourself down. Your attention was drawn to the street as a skippy young female tiefling bounded her way up to you- a smile planted upon her face.

"Welcome to Sigil, berks! The city of doors greets you!"


This will be a long, long urban campaign based in the City of Doors. Do not expect fast level progression, do not expect a quick campaign end, DO expect lots of social interaction, manipulation, political maneuvering, rooftop chases, skill tests and overreaching plots that will change the face of Sigil.

Melee types will be out of place but still useful, skill monkeys will be desired, caster types are fine provided their unique skill set is geared towards the setting.

Please consider this when applying.

Races can be varied but a three fold mix of ridiculousness is not as appreciated as I'm sure you want it to be. It's level 8 and a slow campaign so you'd be better off with class levels than race.

LA Buy off is NOT in effect.

Character Creation Guidelines

Allowable Sources

When creating an application please name the thread with the following format;

Denethor (Aasimar-Rogue)


Razi (Changeling Druid Warshaper)

Thanks for your interest!

Wait so we are actually not making a character, we are filling in the two roles..


that is how you want us to anme them Name (Race Main class, PRC

Yes. And god yes. I'm not the best at it either but have a handy vocab guide.

You don't have to speak it at all- you are essentially "new" to Sigil anyway.

Originally Posted by TheFred View Post
I tumbled to the dark quickly, cutter. Ringwalkers get scragged pretty quickly in the Cage.
And this is why I have my Planes Vocab dictionary thingymabob. Bloody fluent cage speakers lol

Would the Lady of Pain ((or whatever) Look badly at a urban druid claming the city as its new source of power to draw from?


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