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Let's Play Guild Wars 2!!

The concept of the whole game being endgame was a nice attempt but I can't help but feel it can't really be done, not in it's originally intended form at least, not if Anet wants to sustain as well as foster a growing player base.

I just don't feel like there is really much to do now at the end of the game. It's hard to find something to do if you're a person that doesn't like PvP. Or maybe you're a person that doesn't like continuously grinding dynamic events. Sure you spend your karma on cool armor, but you're still not doing much. And sure, people can say "well you should have researched the game beforehand" or "well I guess this isn't the game for you". I suppose everyone is entitled to your opinion but I find that's an interesting stance to take when an MMO is generally about a community.

I for one have nothing against the concept of adding new things to the game, new things to actually do or strive for. Seems like a good way to keep a game alive if you ask me, and fun, which is usually the main plan all along.

Originally Posted by Greyfeld View Post
I don't think you've actually read my posts. Either that, or you have a very selective memory. My posting history in this thread has been a mix of positives and negatives.
I'm referring to the constant barrage of things like this:

Originally Posted by Greyfeld
I can see it now.

"GLF FM, difficulty 10. Full Ascended only."
It gets pretty overwhelming and makes the positives hard to see, so I'm really curious what interest you have in the game anymore. Your recent few posts have really come across as negative and critical of the game and its developers. It just leaves me wondering why you continue playing the game.

Like I said, I'm really not trying to be smarmy. It's an honest question. If you don't want to answer, that's fine, but I'm not trying to put you on the defensive.

For the same reason anybody plays a game they're critical of: they like the game, but are concerned about future developments.

I shouldn't have to preface everything with, "I normally have my nose wedged halfway up Anet's colon, but..." I rather thought that bring critical of questionable development decisions was an acceptable and normal practice.

Forget I asked. It's not worth the effort.

I am looking forward to the Fractals! A series of mini-dungeons could be really interesting. The anti-graveyard zerg also seems interesting. It is my hope that these Fractals allow reviving people to be a viable option. My main frustration with dungeons is that reviving often isn't.

I appreciate the strategy and skill required for dungeons, but a number of group fights and events don't accommodate the "downed" mechanic very well at all. Subject Alpha in Crucible of Eternity is an example. There is almost no time to stand still long enough to revive someone, let alone rally. So if you are downed, it's best to just take the walk of shame.

I like the idea behind "downed," but I feel like it's missing some things. It feels like prolonging the inevitable when a mob continues attacking a downed player and ignores the other, more dangerous threats around it. I don't know if complete aggro shedding is the answer, but it feels like diminished aggro would be more in the spirit of the system.

My impression (and I could be wrong) is that it's meant to be a chance for the player to keep fighting and get back on his feet. It works! Sometimes. Sometimes you just get smashed into the ground and the mob just keeps laying into you like you kicked its puppy and stole its significant other. That's when I feel like it really defeats the purpose of having the mechanic at all.

Interesting post on the changes to dungeon loot. It sounds like dungeons will be much more rewarding for karma and money, which is great! Dungeons already give a pretty good profit unless you die a lot (Damn you, Subject Alpha). Hopefully it'll make the token hoarding for legendaries/cool skins more worthwhile.

You darn well better! You haven't really played the game until you have had to graveyard zerg final bosses in explorable dungeons ;-)

Encouraging MF gear in dungeons. Lovely. That won't hurt PUG groups or anything.

I don't like the MF mechanic, and I've always felt that it was extremely pointless. But if they're going to continue using it, the least they could do it make it operate for your entire group. Currently, MF is a selfish stat; it only effects your own character, and wearing it weakens your role in the group, making you less able to support your team (let's not even mention the limited stat arrays available on MF gear). If they made it into a sort of aura type thing that allows your group to spread the MF gear around to help everybody's drop rates, instead of just your own, it wouldn't be nearly so pointless.

Originally Posted by Kaitou Kage View Post
You darn well better! You haven't really played the game until you have had to graveyard zerg final bosses in explorable dungeons ;-)
It's definitely worth getting back into, if only for the stories..

That's content I'd like to see added.. Continuing your story (even though I haven't finished mine, but still ).. Though maybe they'd do that with paid expansions.

I just found out that huge patch for tomorrow that's supposed to be comprised of 5 pages' worth of bullet points, just for class adjustments, is actually comprised primarily of tooltip fixes. Buffs to warriors, nerfs to elementalists, no work being done on ranger or necromancer issues...

According to a moderator post that was deleted fairly quickly, there are only 2 people working on class balance.

I've been muddling around in the game for the last month or so, farming Orr and toying around on alts, hoping to see some real fixes and trait/skill/feature revamps for certain classes. If we're 3 months in and the best I can hope for is tooltip adjustments, I'm not sure how much longer this game is going to hold my interest.

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