Unisystem for Newbies, Others; Includes Zombies!

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Unisystem for Newbies, Others; Includes Zombies!

That's Why They Eat My Head in Tennessee - Forum
All Flesh Must Be Eaten
Estimated Members Requested: 5

Hey there! Seems like you took a passing interest in this thread and decided to check in, and I appreciate such. If you're just here for the nittygritty bit and want to play, skip a bit down for the information you need to know. Otherwise, scroll through at your leisure.

A Little Explanation

Having recently moved across the country, I was eager to find a group that shared my interests in roleplaying games, and I was lucky enough to come across a few at the local comic place who were more in-line with D&D and Pathfinder and the like. Unfortunately in my FLGS not many people know about Unisystem (the store owner didn't even know about it!), so I took it upon myself to educate folks to the system. By and large it seemed effective; everyone seemed to enjoy the idea of blowing apart zombies- a subject All Flesh Must Be Eaten is dedicated to entirely - that combat that could pass at a reasonable pace and the relative simplicity of the system. After browsing the site here, it didn't seem like any games were taking place, so was spawned this idea here!

What I Am Trying To Do

In three words: Modern-day Cowboy Zombies

In a few more: Knowing that zombies are a big deal (understandably so) and that just about everyone loves a good Southern drawl and shiny silver six-shooter, it wasn't hard to decide upon a setting involving both. Considering that AFMBE is written for the here and now it made sense to just keep things as they are and not worry about limiting certain rules or switching things around just because I wanted to make it set in the latter half of the 1800s or something.

This game will be short, probably not more than a few combat encounters long with a smattering of social-y and survival tests here and there; I intend for this to be more of a teaching tool than anything else (as well as a bit of an interest probe), so serious character development is not liable to happen though I'd be more than glad to see something happening like that.

What You Need to Do

First, find out a way to get your hands on the All Flesh Must Be Eaten 'core' book. There are a few supplements such as Tomorrow's Zombies (for more sci-fi stuff) but for the time being only the main book's rules will be used (and only a portion of such at that). Don't worry too hard about studying how things work as everything can be summed up in a simple equation:

Relevant Skill + Relevant Stat + 1d10 vs. 9

Things become a whole lot clearer if you can keep that much in mind. While the target number of nine can fluctuate or tests can be opposed (resolved with another skill+stat+d10 roll) it isn't all so often.

Second, just post! Say something about how you might be interested in learning the system or playing a short little game with some people you might not have otherwise. Remark about how excited you are after hearing I'm thinking hard about some kind of X-Com Unisystem game! Just post is all I'm asking!

Other Important Information

This game is intended to be rather short and involve as many interested parties as possible. Just make a remark about looking into this and I'll pop you in where character creation details and the like can be viewed in the game forum.

At the moment my schedule is a little odd, but I'm around more than enough from about noon -8 GMT until about ten or so. No reason I shouldn't be able to make at least a few posts during a day though.

Game Description:

"Everything has gone ta Hell in a hand basket.

Would be a whole lot more literal were it not fer the ass-end of winter; usually so much hotter in tha Lone Star State, y'know?

Deaders are shufflin' around in their ten-gallon hats and leather chaps, chewing on whatever noggin's the closest. It's a mess, it really is. Gotta' stay real damn careful walkin' around dogs and kai-otes- they don't seem to mind the taste of human flesh all too much, 'specially when they've been starving for days and weeks. Just about all the other animals roamin' around got caught up with the strange ol' 'zombie' shit like it was God's plan or something, entirely outta nowhere it seemed like. Strange enough, seems like they keep the cattle unharmed. Mostly.

Bet those Yanks are having a helluva time, huh? D.C. is just about gone, 'long with most of the north-east. Heard most of it was caused by trouble in the quarantine zones in the big cities where a few infected bastards would slip in an' turn b'fore chompin' around. Havin' things so spread-out helps some, don'it? Jus' hope my cousin Mary-Belle is alright in Los Sanatos; caught somethin' over the ol' HAM that they had some trouble near tha' Mexican border.

Well shit... Hey, get me oneuv them Pabst out tha' cooler, couldja'? Seems like my ex-wife's family jus' came up over tha hill yonder and I gotta go blast some heads."

Placing my interest in this one.

I've been learning the system lately, and have enjoyed in quite a bit.

I also know of a game that is using the Unisystem that has openings, but it's more of an ALIENS game background, not Zombies. So if anyone wants a link to that, PM me and I'll pass it on.

Well that is certainly good to hear!

Anyone and everyone is welcome to try their hand at blowing apart some zombies should they know how to use the system or not! I'm (slowly) putting together a few posts so understanding some of the stranger parts of Unisystem (attacking in melee for one) is at least a little bit easier.

I love your style and enthusiasm on this, Dagny. I'm a big fan of the Unisystem, so the more people who can play it, the meatier-- MERRIER! I MEANT MERRIER!

...I'm not a zombie. Didn't even get bit on the shoulder. Or anywhere else, I just thought I'd mention the shoulder. You know, cover the bases. But no, not a zombie.

Itchy. Tasty.

We're still looking for players! I know it's close to two rather large holidays (and sales and birthdays and workdays), but just saying 'hey, I wouldn't mind trying this out' would be a great help towards getting this train a-rolling. Two more players would be a good starting point with any more being just cake. If the interest isn't shown in a week or so, then I'd have to call it off due to disinterest.

Oh, hell! I'm not entirely new to the system, but I don't have enough hubris to say I know everything... you have my typin' fingers!

No wait! Don't call it off. I mean hey, I wouldn't mind trying this out.

That being said, I'm pretty new to this whole thing (PbP) And I've never even heard of AFMBE, but I like zombies, and I like westerns, and I like RPGs. So this can't go wrong, right?

I know absolutely nothing about this but you said cowboys and zombies. What do I need to do to make this happen?


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