Lords of Alliance: Need 2 REPLACEMENTS

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Lords of Alliance: Need 2 REPLACEMENTS

Lords Alliance in a Time of Need - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e - Forgotten Realms 3.5e
Ad Closes: Nov 17 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Recently had our warrior type and rogue type drop from the game. Please read rules for generation/background for the ad. Currently the party is in Highmoon and just finished meeting with Ostiv, a Knight of the Eternal Order working with the church of Tyr. The group has been hired by them to investigate a keep within the hills north of Sembia where a former paladin of the Eternal Order last was before abandoning and cutting all ties with the order. You'll be briefed in character once your picked.

Basically I need a rogue type and a warrior type. Party currently consists of a wizard, cleric, and scout/ranged PC.

No Magic of Incarnum: Not being used.
No Tome of Magic: Not being used.
No Tome of Battle: Not being used.
No Level Adjustment buyoffs but Yes LA+ Races
No Midgets besides pint size races
Yes FR Races
Yes Non FR Classes
No Non FR Sourcebook Races
Yes Multi class Penalties
No Leadership Feat

You get One free region feat, based on where your character comes from.

-For Health, Max 1st then roll for each level afterwards, reroll 1's.
-Can Do character sheets once accepted
-Starting gold , 49,000
-Have to be Good aligned character

Game Description:

The envelope was simple enough, white and unremarkable. The seal however was yellow and almost seemed to glitter in the light of the inn's fire as you opened it. It's design was of a jeweled golden crown, it's points in the shapes of noble persons. Intrigued and curious, you opened the letter, cracking the seal to reveal it's contents: A single piece of fine stationary with golden inlay along the edges. The letter read the following:

"To One of Renown and Good Heart in the World of Toril,"

Should you choose, on the last day of Mirtul, arrive at the Chapel of Resounding Justice, Southeast of Archenbridge within Sembia. I realize this journey make take some time and I have provided you with plenty being that it is still the start of Mirtul. If you do not arrive, then we will accept your decline of the invitation. An important matter is to be discussed and it is one that must begin to be pursued with urgency. Nothing will be discussed of it within this letter as it does not need to be known by those who are not to be involved.

Thank you for considering,

Norothin, Paladin of Tyr

Never underestimate a large group of low hit die creatures.

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Originally Posted by Planeswalker View Post
Scouts can still do ranged damage Shub
But I don't want to play a ranged scout. Just a scout that happens to use melee. But is it the weapon you use what defines your role?

Alright, here comes the not trying to be an asshole moment but your being a bit aggravating part of the DM:

I've told everyone on here multiple times what I'm looking for: a ranged damage dealer type and an arcane caster.

I have a rogue type, I have a melee type, I have a healer/buffer type and the players are already used to dealing with that type of party set up and as stated I'm looking for a well rounded party.

I considered your character again and it's a well conceived awesome character. I'm just not looking for that type.
If you want to apply with what I'm looking for or modify him that's fine.

Please don't ask again. Let's move on.

is there any XP for item creation? If not can i start with some Contingent Spell items already set up or will have to do in game.

Well... the fact we can only have 1 PrC at start kills that idea for a Ranged class, luckily I got another. So, question are you allowing the Draconomicon? It's my one and only question as far as character creation goes. :3


Starting level for these replacements will be 10, sorry that wasn't above.

so you want the apps in the old folder? Going to edit my other app for a healer type

can i just keep my rolls from last app?

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