Playtesters wanted for Fantasy Freeform System

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Playtesters wanted for Fantasy Freeform System

Playtesters Sought for Fantasy Setting - Forum
Ad Closes: Nov 16 '12
Estimated Members Requested: 6

You have been summoned by Lord Milton while enjoying yourself at Lord's Arena. A complex that features gladiator fights, gambling, booze and brothels. It even segregates by class.

Lord Milton has a proposition for you and a few others. You are playing level 6 characters.

As this is a play test, I am keeping the setting light. Play testers will get first access to the full campaign when it starts.

Hello everyone. I kid you not, you do not have to read the rules to play. It is a freeform game and far more about the story than it is about the crunch.

If you don't want to read the rules, just tell me a simple character concept and I can assign a class and stat that fits the character.



Detailed concept Information: What does your character do, how do they fight, how do they interact with the world in non-combat ways.

Detailed History and Background: Who is your character and what have they done.

As this is a play test I am only looking for about a paragraph in Concept and History/background.

Game Description:

I am looking for playtesters for a freeform fantasy system. It is designed to give a slight rule base to a freeform game.

The system is so simple, that you do not even have to read the rules. Just tell me what you want to play and the character is created.

This test game will involve a group of characters who are called before a powerful lord in a large city and tasked with a mission to enter a crypt.

For those who are curious how it works:

Players pick two words to describe their character. These two words tell us everything (crunchwise) that we need to know. The rest is up to you and the story you want to tell.

The first word is the characters class. Rogue, warrior, cleric, etc. The second word is a stat that shows unusual training/capabilities. Intelligence, Strength, Charisma.

All wizards are intelligent, but some are charismatic, some are strong, some are dexterous and some are even more intelligent than their peers.

For a Full break down on classes, stats and how they effect each other:

My apologies, at least you didn't chastise me like the last guy when I asked about the history of his game lol.... Charisma.... hadn't thought of that.... I'll work on it and see what I can do

NAME: Dal Rend

RACE: human but with a legendary, forgotten bloodline

CONCEPT: Unpredictable; Unorthodox


STAT: Charisma

Dal Rend is the unusual type of character who can walk right up to you and you still never see it coming. He tends to be more agile and technical as opposed to brute strength. He has, on a few highly emotional occasions, been able to absorb some elements (nature or magical) into himself which replenishes energy and "overcharge" him, although he doesn't necessarily control the ability. Also he can close his wounds with this ability (not heal, mind you but simply keep from bleeding out. Stabbing and beating still has the same effect as anyone else. If that ability is still too much then we can discard it completely). He is no Wolverine. :P

History/description: he stands around 5'11" and is well built... He has chin length brown wavy hair with a small, groomed beard.

By Unorthodox I mean that he wasn't born or raised into being a monk. He is an orphan and has been in search of his bloodline since he can remember. In his search, he found a man who claimed he could help him "uncover" his bloodline. In doing so the man showed him how to tap into his soul. It unlocked or awakened his bloodline and some of their power. He then chose to learn from the man until his death. So Dal Rend set off to find the locations that his memories and visions had revealed

Side Note: he always tends to end up in bad situations. He also tends to unintentionally make enemies as well as friends. He almost ALWAYS has a bounty on his head. He just happens to be really good (or really lucky) at getting out of those super sticky situations.

I have cut him back a lot for you. Sorry for the initial OP, this character is based off of one that I'm writing a story about which he was never intended to be a low power level because he was going against universal powers. Even so I didn't explain him entirely clearly. The close wounds was intended to be as I have reworded it now. I should have thought about all of this in advance. If there is anything else you don't like please let me know, this copy will be completely malleable.

Hi All,

I will be making decisions on who to bring on today and will be starting the game on Monday. As it is thanks giving for our American players, I am not expecting the game to really get going until after the holiday.

Selections have been made and invites sent out

Hi all,

It is always tough to make these decisions, I see a lot of great concepts. I have made my choices and invited the main players, though I have a few of you in mind for alternates.

If I invited you, please go to the OOC board, read the information there and then post in the IC board.

I will not be moving plot forward until December 3. But I would like you to start interacting with the world and each other


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