AoG: Pre-Game Chatter

Yeah, I did see that, but the way you said it just makes me picture this ominous soundtrack with a stereotypical lightning bolt crackling behind you.

Ahh, sorry. I am looking to see what people think they should do for their game-play and posting format along with what they write. Basically, everything.

In your "Expectations" post, you say "People should use proper punctuation, Bold for normal speech, non-bold for whispering, italics only for thoughts", but in your "Standards for posting" (under General House Rules) you say, "Most people who use colors also make it bold as well, but not required". So is bolding required or not? If it is, I'll correct my initial IC post.

Ha! Good catch.
Fixed the House Rules, the Expectations was the correct standard.
Bold is not required when speaking softly or whispering, so it was confusing.

G'day my children. How are we all?

Another general question Paro: what tense do you prefer? I started to write my post in the Sword and Axe and realized not everyone is using past tense.

Originally Posted by Daryk View Post
Another general question Paro: what tense do you prefer?
Past versus present doesn't matter to me in the IC threads. Your choice.

I regularly play with a person that always writes past while I write present and I never noticed we were different in the same thread for over a year.

Originally Posted by Your mother View Post
G'day my children. How are we all?
Doing pretty good!

I have to say, though, every time I get a post notification that says you've posted it confuses the hell out of me for about ten seconds before I realize it's not actually talking about my actual mother.


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