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Merchants and Death

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Hey everyone,

So after a highly successful first DnD session with an actual group of friends (somehow playing DnD by yourself doesn't work :P)(btw everyone love community for inspiring them) I decided to post up a game here to work on my DM skills, we will be starting the same way they did but will probably break off into our own story line (after all, its your characters and decisions).

You are allowed to use anything from the three Player's Handbooks, preferably no hybrids and no background/theme bonuses. I will be looking for 3-5 players who are able to post at least once every 24 hours, preferably more. I will also need a token for those i choose for the battle map. It will most likely be a very hack and slash game but i will be working on my describing skills as well.

Post your applications in the game forum. You don't have to make a character sheet till after your selected if you don't want to as i will not make the selection based off stats (but maybe class). Selection is made when I have enough applications that i like the look of, i will then decide based on the applications and classes.

Feel free to ask any questions,
Thanks guys

Game Description:

In the trading province of Pelcine, caravans cross the countryside and extensive forests. With these ride mercenaries whom only lust is for old, and when their pay is not enough they join the countless bands of bandits that raid the trade routes. Humanoids are not the only threats that plague the lands, countless feral animals prowl the woodlands and fey creatures are in abundence. Hunters grace these lands in search of prey, of any sort. The constant danger and endless threats do nothing but increase the value of trade and the pay of mercenaries.
You are such mercenaries, or you are now after you found yourself trudging along next to a single caravan early in the morning. You have memories of a night at the tavern in the town of Talmore, how many differ between each party member, but you remember the promise of gold for the delivery of the wagon safely.

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I have moved the place for applications to the game forums, so all applications should be placed there. An example format is also given.

Originally Posted by Bladesong View Post
Multi- classes are now allowed, hybrids are not

I don't like hybrids

And I only play hybrids, so, yoiks and away ...

Hi I'm new here and to DnD, but I've been reading through the rules and have just finished making my first character, a seemingly unconventional human fighter. I could definitely post every 24 hours so long as you guys are willing to help me understand everything.

Aside from humans, what kinds of things would attack a caravan of traders? Kobolds? Goblins? Orcs?

Alternatively, what races and settlements are common along the trade routes?

I would imagine just about anything would attack a caravan.
-The caravan entered territory claimed by someone/thing else
-The caravan carries items of wealth
-The caravan carries/is itself a source of food
-Political reasons (weaken a country, instill fear, implicate someone else for the crime, ...)

Thanks for all the interest guys, already have a host of applications and as such I will be making the decision in a couple days time.

Yes I would be to help with the rules if your character gets chosen.

And as spazz said, pretty much anything would attack caravans if you think about it, many creatures for no more reason then to engage in combat but also the reasons above. Most settlements will be populated by a standard array of races common to most fantasy worlds (as in the default explained in the handbooks, mainly humans, some elves and dwarfs etc)


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