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Can you find your way home and defeat the Evil Queen?

Game Description:

The war against Grunella the Evil Queen was over generations ago. Her power stretches across the known world, from the Sea of Dragons to the Golden Hills of Vandorn, from the Swamp of Tears to Ironshield Mountains no one has escaped the cruelty of her reign.

A group of brave heroes were brought together in hope of breaking her power and restoring freedom to the people of the world. They suffered many losses. The Queen’s forces claimed the lives the wizard Drummond, and his apprentice Teig on the fields of Nottingate. Almunt the Mighty stands, battle axe raised high above his head in the bailey of the Queen’s fortress at Sorin Lake, turn to stone by the foul magic of her sorceress Morrigana.

Some battles were won. The Queen’s favorite pet, the Black Dragon Draxin, is dead. The town of Farlong was liberated from her undead cohorts and provides a base from which further resistance might grow, throughout the lands people of all races struggle against the shackles of her oppressive rule.

You have fought long and hard side by side against the forces of the Evil Queen but now are captured and at her mercy.

Gathered together in the dungeon of the great Palace Quell you are dragged from your cells and brought before Grunella herself. Her countenance is terrifying to behold, the demon blood that mingles with that of her human ancestors have left its mark. You may have thought her heritage a rumor once, but no more. The antler like horns a top her head, the barbed tail the swishes with menace. When she opens her mouth to speak her voice is like fire and gravel, “You have dared to raise arms against your rightful mistress and Queen and for that crime I banish you to the outer reaches to wander in sorrow, never again to see the lands of your birth, never again to feel the touch of your families and loved ones who you will leave behind to suffer further for your crimes.”

She waves her darkwood staff in intricate patterns, speaking words that even demons tremble to hear. The large crystal shard that tops the staff glows with a baleful light that intensifies as she weaves her magic culminating in a blinding flash. All the air seems to leave your body and you have the sensation of falling at a frightening speed.

Then there is blackness…
__________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________

Applications should be 5th level (or equivalent) characters using a 36-point point buy. Maximum hit points for 1st, re-roll 1's after first level.

The PCs start with no equipment save one peasant outfit, the clothing they were wearing in the Queen's dungeon.

I am pretty wide open for character concepts but assume your characters have fought together against the queen.

Classes, feats etc. can come from any supplement but you must provided me with a reference link or title and page number for anything not found in the Player's Handbook I.

You may take up to two Traits and up to two Flaws at 1st level but are not required to take advantage of this option.

Straight Fighter Kobold. Done & done.

What religions are present in this world? I am thinking a cleric of Wee Jas. Her church was initially tacitly aligned with Grunella during the war, but were outraged when Grunella's forces plundered the ancient crypts of Farlong to supplement their undead forces. It was they who snuck a rebel raiding party into the Farlong to take the town gates, which was instrumental in it's capture by rebel forces.

What do you think?


I'd like to submit an application as either a Human Monk, or a Gold Elf Psion. Either character is fine with me, I just offer two ideas to help round the party out better.

As the Monk my character is pensive and pragmatic. He is a highly disciplined and focused individual who is loyal to the party. His Temple would have been obliterated by the Queen's forces, and now he wanders the land trying to protect others from her oppression. He probably identifies with the cleric of the party, and is fond of listening to tales of enlightenment.

The Psion is highly intelligent, and lacks social tact. He is almost blind to his own behavior concering social interaction, and he commonly says the wrong thing at the wrong time. He sees his role in the party as the advisor, and loves to offer his knowledge of obscure facts. I'm thinking of having him be either a Telepath or a Clarisentient.

Requesting the following noncore stuff:

Cloistered Cleric class variant

Knowledge Devotion feat

Code of Arms flaw, Gullible flaw


Summon Holy Symbol
Spider Hand
Close Wounds
Chain of Eyes
Crown of-Protection
Summon Undead III

About our peasant clothing, does it represent prison clothes that we were issued, or can we be wearing noble garb or priestly vestments or fancy robes?

Also, is there any scope for having kept (or acquired) small items or spell components while imprisoned? I'm wondering if I'll be able to start with a holy symbol, or some parchment. One of my spells has a material component of "A piece of string and a bit of wood", which seems like the kind of thing you could get ahold of even if you were divested of all possessions and put in prison.

Hmm, sounds interesting.

Does "no equipment" include no spellbook or component pouch? I mean, that makes sense, but it's going to be tough for Wizards.

Hmm i was thinking of a sorcerer potion maker that was captured during a raid by the queen for he was selling to the rebelion

Another idea is a soulknife but i don't know if you will allow psions.


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