Ok, i started a game with a buddy to be a lot like minecraft, you start with nothing, not even clothing, and you need to explore and make everything yourself. These are the basic rules i came up with, and i am looking for input on how to refine things.

rules are based on 3.5

Survival Quick Info.

Days = 16 hours of work, 4 for needs, 8 for sleep.

A DC 15 Climb check is sufficient to climb a tree.

A typical tree has AC 4, hardness 5, and 150 hp

Massive trees have AC 3, hardness 5, and 600 hp.
Massive trees take up an entire square and provide cover to anyone behind them.

Cutting down a tree takes 1 hour with an iron axe, 2 with stone, and provides d20*10lbs of wood

Removing branches takes 1 hour with an iron axe, 2 with stone.

Dragging the log back depends on your str but the amount of wood determines encumbrance.

Cutting a log in half reduces amount gathered by 10lbs and takes 1 hour.

Massive trees multiply everything above by 4

Iron is found from searching in bogs (marshes) before being found underground. DC 15 to find (d8*d8)
Clay is found in wet areas under the surface.

1 pound of iron is 1sp after smelting

A Basic Smithy is 500gp and comes with all the tools
ie 16667 CP + 150lbs of iron + 150lbs of wood + 250lbs of clay.
Consumes 5lbs of wood for every pound of iron used

*only after smithy is made can you craft any metal objects*

Shovel is needed for digging, (5sq ft/4hours) [5x5x5/16hours] making it with iron doubles the speed.
Base DC is 15 but 10 with iron shovel (20 with bare hands)
Roll for every 4 hours you spend working.

Success > You make progress = 4 hours of work
Failure > You make progress = 2 hours of work

For every 5 degrees of success or failure add/subtract 1 hour from progress

Digging near water will take twice as long if you want to keep the water from filling in the hole but D8+1 lbs of clay is found in each new block you dig. Digging only for clay takes half the base time.
(50% chance of DC +5 due to rocks)

Digging in forests adds 5 to the DC due to roots.

Iron Picks are needed for digging through stone (3gp and 10lbs 8lbs of iron and 2lbs of wood)

Digging through stone is 4 times as intensive work.

While digging horizontal any roll of 1 causes a cave in unless reinforced (200lbs of wood per section)

New Terrain Generator Chart

1 = Hazard (Toxic, Lava, Bear Cave)
2 - 9 = Same as previous
10= Desert / Beach
11 = Marsh / Bog
12 = Water
13 = Forest
14 = Planes
15 = Rocky / Mountains if several connected
16 = Previous + Hills
17 = Previous + Cave
18 = Previous + Small Abandoned Building
19 = Previous + Person
20 = Previous + Small building with person inside

1 Square is 1 Hectare (use 5x5 squares instead of meters). 20 Squares is 1 Mile. 60 squares is one hour of walking

Restart Level upon death

Random Encounters (Exploring)
1 = ECL + 1
2-10 = Nothing
11-14 = ECL
15-19= Game Animals
20 = An Item from the list.

Night Time Encounters
1 = ECL + 1
2-10 = Nothing
11-17 = ECL
18-19= Game Animals
20 = Weather clears a resource nearby (Wood, Iron, Clay)
1-8 = Wood
9 = Wood + Clay
10 - 15 = Clay
16 = Clay + Iron
17 - 19 = Iron
20 = All 3