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Personally I recommend the following.

Get the adventurers in a room where there are 4 chains that they can grab onto to cross over a huge pitfall. There is a door on the other side.

Place all of the chains close enough next to each other that holding onto one and reaching to another is a viable option to remove athletics or acrobatics for a jump (meaning only the original jump check would matter)

If the first and second chain are grabbed at the same time it completes a circuit and causes electrical damage and a bullrush check against the player to knock them into the pit.

The third chain is magically greased, so the players will need to jump immediately, jump passed it, or succeed on a ridiculous check to grab or be knocked in the pit.

The fourth chain is an illusion. So spot that, or any likely attempt to grab it will knock a player into the pit.

Behind the door are three ramming magical charms which will be triggered on opening the door, walking through the door, or failing the check to disarm the door. These bull-rush checks should be high enough to knock someone into the pit.

That's fun to use against low-level parties, but that pit is gonna have to be nasty to justify the expense of Permanent Image on something that can be thwarted by Spider Climb (which is four spell levels lower).

You could probably combine it with Alarm, Invisibility, and Dispel Magic to have some fun... or just have something unpleasant on the walls (spikes, monstrous spiders, poison ivy, etc.)

Putting grease (of the cheaper, longer-lasting, nonmagical variety) on a chain or two is a pretty good idea, though.

They have one scroll of spider climb so that plan could be fun. They use the spider climb to get to the other side but the climber gets hit down into the pit and they have to jump down to help him.

I recommend listening to Dalar's advice about Dispel Magic and an annoyance on the walls at the very least.
As for permanent image. The trapmaster found the thing there in the first place, that's why they made the trap.


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