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Dogan can still charge and attack, I'm actually pulling hairs in knowing for sure if he can pounce or not, as searching for a definite answer has been unfruitful, for now, yes, he can do the full attack.

Just leave as is for the moment.

Pete, does your +8 for Io still includes the charge bonus or am I missing something else?

Thanks for the flanking

Just about Moltok's only contribution other than smashing a poor goblin with his spiked gauntlet.

This is my first adventure in the Pathfinder Society. May I ask if participants ever get a chance to increase their gold from adventuring as opposed to those point thingies I keep hearing about?

Just wondering, because I suspect the bodies Bowden is searching have no gold or anything worth taking on them. Hoping to be proved very wrong.

Each scenario has a "Max GP." Assuming the group finds all of the treasure/gets all of the rewards, that amount of gold will be gained by everyone in the group. Similarly (but not exactly the same), any magic items or boons that are collected by the group will be listed on the scenario sheet. In addition to the "always available" items listed in the PFS Guide, characters can always purchase any item listed on the scenario sheets they've collected.

So . . . yes, it's often worthwhile to search the bodies/rooms/etc. because if you don't find it during the adventure it won't be listed on your sheet.


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