Under the stars

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Not sure if mount viable, as Skapti grows to medium or large when all werebeared, even Dog seems to have taken a back seat. What size would Dooki be small? medium?
Hey, I thought you said bears riding horses and all that!

We have a named kobold Snooki that I just assigned to something, Royal Assassin maybe? Think that was the no-stat position.

What's your CHA mod gonna be Shadow?

Heh, not yet. Although I would consider it since a dual-ruler is, mechanically, a free +2 or +3 (minimum) in a particular need.

I was actually asking so I could fill in the table.

Besides, would Magnolia marry a kobold for a mere mechanical advantage?


Yer lucky Skapti has horrible charisma. Orianna is probably lucky she only has a +1.

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